Tabloid Whore!



Here's my girl Britney on the cover of Elle Magazine's October issue. I can't wait to read the interview and from the looks of this photo, am really glad she put her hair extensions back in. In the Elle interview (which is said to be her last before giving birth), Brit discusses possible baby names, "Ever since I was a little girl I thought, for a boy I love Sean Preston - or London Preston. Isn't London pretty? And for a girl I love Addison Shye. I think that's pretty." She also tells us not to worry about her and Fresno Kev's sex life, the pregnancy has not affected it, only enhanced it, "Oh yeah! Right, oh my goodness, it's awesome, though. Wow!" Ok, well, I never said she was a scientist, alright? It also looks like she may be following that "celebrity caesarian" trend to avoid most of the pains of a natural birth. "My mom said giving birth was the most excruciating thing that she's ever gone through in her life (I'm sure the millions of pregnant women reading this story will be thankful for that delightful reminder). So if a caesarian doesn't happen, I'll be like, 'Epidural, please!' Hopefully my athletic abilities will take over." One thing we know is that she does got some birthing hips on her, so no worries. Oh Britney honey, I love you! Best of luck and even if I didn't like that song you wrote about your baby, I can't wait to see the "little one!"


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