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Please! Please! Don't tell Sienna!!

Ooooooh! It was only a matter of time before Jefferson Hack, the father of Kate Moss's 2 year old daughter Lila Grace was going to do the smart thing and try to take custody away from that coke whore. Radar is speculating that this might open a very juicy can of worms because for years, it has been rumored in London's fashion circles that Lila Grace's real father is Jude Law, not Hack. Remember the earlier stories about the treesomes between Kate Moss, Jude Law & ex-wife Sadie Frost? A friend of the former couple tells Radar, Sadie [Frost, Jude’s ex] and Kate are best, best friends, and Jude and Sadie were huge into couples swapping and orgies. They had group sex where absolutely everything was okay.” DNA test, anyone?


Anonymous LMFP said...

oh my god....where do you find this stuff? This just shocked the heck out of me and that's not easy. First of all, I USE to love good ol' Jude, but now...he's just a skank. And if he's the baby daddy....just book him on Maury Povich 'Who's my baby Daddy", he's perfect for the show.
Another great job TW!

8:23 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger JP said...

any guy this petite is suspect.

8:12 PM, October 01, 2005  

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