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TV Guide did a great interview with Big Brother 6's newly evicted houseguest, James....Oh how I miss his sarcasm. Here's a tease: Are you dreading going to the sequester house?

James: Yeah. I'm with two of the worst people: Jennifer — I think she's a vile creature — and Rachel, who is just not very exciting. She doesn't stray from her schedule at all. There will definitely be some arguments at the sequester house. If they allow me to tell Jennifer what I think of her, then she's got something coming. The first thing I'm going to do if she asks me what [getting ousted] was like is to tell her it sucked, but that it was great to see Sarah and that she got to spend the night with me at a hotel. It is all bull----. But I'm going to ask her if she got to see her boyfriend, Dan. I'll derive some enjoyment from that. read more here


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