Tabloid Whore!



Ha! Ha! Gee, surprise, surprise! That whore Paris Hilton's wedding to her cutesy same named boyfriend Paris Latsis is off! People have been speculating for a couple months now that things were off as Hilton hasn't been seen around town holding his hand and groping him. The thing that makes her such a loser is that she has been denying the break-up in the press and telling everyone they are still getting married in Greece, looking at places for the wedding and talking about wedding dresses, etc. Maybe darling Paris didn't want to admit that her fiances conservative and extremely wealthy Greek Orthodox parents thought she was trash and were embarrassed by her and her "One Night in Paris" exploits. Hey Paris! I hear that D.J. AM's parents just LOVE Nicole! A source has told Radar that "For their son to even think of marrying such a woman is an insult to the entire family. She simply looks like a promiscuous innkeeper's daughter to them. Paris [Latsis] knew this, which is why he didn't tell his mother the whole story. He knew she wouldn't agree to the match. Apparently, Latsis kicked Ms. Hilton and her big diamond ring (oww! my finger hurts!) to the curb on "orders from his family, specifically his mother," the source says. "It's a reality check for her and her parents." Ahahaha! I love the line about her being the "promiscuous innkeepers daughter." Poor little Paris who got engaged probably just because Nicole Richie did, now she won't be able to say "I'm better!" and beat her to the alter like she hoped. What's up next for Hilton? Probably even more humiliation when she releases this "hot" record (which i'm sure is overproduced and horrible) that she has been talking about forever. Eeeeech! Please make her go away already! Hate her!


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