Tabloid Whore!



Everyone's favorite ditzy whoo-wah Tara Reid is heartbroken after $180,000 worth of jewelery was stolen from her at the Spanish isle of Ibiza's airport on Sunday. Before Tara could even find the airport bar, her black Balenciaga handbag which containted a Rolex watch and her personal jewelry collection was swiftly swiped off a luggage carousel. Reid is said to have become "hysterical" over the loss because the jewelery was very sentimental to her. Ok, so as a girl, I want to be sympathetic to Tara because I know how important our purses are to us. Although It's unclear whether or not the bag was stolen at an actual luggage carousel (and if she shipped her purse, we then would have to call her a serious dumbass), or if it was stolen off an airport security carousel. No matter what, if Tara knew she had all that jewelery in her bag she never should have taken her eyes off of it for a second. Especially a $750 Balenciaga bag! Shit, all I carry in my $50 Roca Wear bag is gum, tylonol and tampons and I don't even let that out of my sight.


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