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"Why don't they like me??"
Unfortunately, It was not the white and powdery kind of blow Lindsay Lohan "allegedly" favors. Lohan has come out in Australian magazine claiming that she extended an olive branch to her one time boyfriend stealing nemesis Hillary Duff, only to be greeted with a more-or-less "ew! whatever!" from the candy hearted Duff sisters. "I called her last week, and I was like, do you wanna hang out? And her sister hung up the phone on me! I don't like having enemies ... and there's the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer." Uh huh, can you blame them for hanging up the phone on her? Lindsay probably thought that Hillary's recent weight loss was also due to a diet of cigarettes and blow and now they would have more in common than just a feminine ex-boyfriend and could be the best of friends! Like, y'know, ok!


Anonymous The Shadow said...

The only question with these gals is, who'll be in Playboy first? Their careers can't last much longer. My money is that Lindsay will land as Playmate of the Month first. Hillary will get coked out of her mind and wind up on the cover of Swank or Cheri. Either way, I'll don my trenchcoat and be the first in line to pick these up on Sunset Blvd. Can't wait...

11:58 AM, September 01, 2005  

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