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Jedi Janey evicted on Big Brother 6.

Arrgh!!! Say it was just a bad dream last night! Damn! I'm so bummed, Janelle is gone and the Big Brother withdrawal process has begun. Janey fans (who is practically everyone watching the show) are crushed and pissed off that our Big Brother finale will have no suspense, no chance of the last great player in the house winning. Actually, forget watching the freakin' finale on Tuesday, I'm taking names of who wants to go out and booze it up in honor of Janelle! Like the rest of America I'm sure, I don't even care who wins the $500,000 grand now. Actually, I take that back. Even though Maggie does not deserve it because all she did was feed the girlscout troup more Kool-Aid so they "would not go against the Cappy Cult," I hope she does so Ivette doesn't get her grubby hands on any of it. How stupid was she last night??!! Marcellas Reynolds will now be happy that he does not have that "I made the stupidest mistake in Big Brother history by not using the veto" crown atop his head anymore because Ivette took it from him last night! Attention Big Brother casting: Next time bring in more people who want to play the real game, not freakin' Romper Room! All this time we had to put up with Ivette whining and crying about how much her family needs the money and how mad they would be at her if she didn't go for the money! What does she do at the end? Give her one possible shot at the money away!! What and idiot!!! Actually, I think if she went up against Janelle , Janelle could have beat her because James and April were swing votes...but it was not for sure. Maggie, well, since their has been some weird fascination with her from the beginning, I think she might win by a landslide. Who knows though, things change in the sequester house...but when it really comes down to it, I don't give a damn who wins, but I would like Ivette to pay for her stupid mistake. Damn, it's really hard when you have to pick from two people you dislike. Oh, and another reason why Ivette should not win $$$--how EMBARRASSED were you for her when she kept yelling out to the sky, "I JUST WON $50,000 FOR MY FAMILY, I JUST WON $50,000 IN MIRACLES FOR MY FAMILY!" (not after taxes sweetheart!!! How ya like that 50k over the 500k now?) All while Maggie stood next to her and giggled and tried to sound convincing saying, "no-you-won-five-hundred-thousand," full knowing that the grand prize money is now hers. So in the end, unless a miracle happens (please don't let it), stupid Ivette chose to hand her friend that she has known for 3 months $500,000 over her suffering family. Hey, Maggie! Can ya loan me some of that Kool-Aid?


Blogger jizzy said...

Why wait until Tuesday to start boozing? Pour me a triple right now.

Ya, I'll watch the final episode just to 'finish it off', but you're 100% right, who really gives a damn at this point. Whatever happens, we're either going to have to listen to Ivette cry and bitch about not winning the $500K, or we'll have to listen to her scream for joy as she jumps into another wall head-first (hey, maybe that's a good thing - we can always hope for a concussion!)

5:08 PM, September 17, 2005  

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