Tabloid Whore!



I am so tired today and I know this story is old news....but I can't miss the opportunity to make fun of another drugged out celebrity. So here we have Kate Moss caught snorting lines of coke. It's no surprise to anyone because she has been a drugged out loser for a long time...just take a look at her ugly ass boyfriend and you know she would only date him cuz of The Drugs. How can someone go from someone as beautiful as sir Johnny Depp to that pastey face druggie (or as The Mirror likes to call him "crackhead") Pete Doherty? Like, ew! Supposedly Kate has told a friend, "Although I know people are saying Pete's no good for me, I can't help myself. There's just something about him. I keep going back." Um, It's called drugs, sweet cheeks. Anyway, when The Daily Mirror confronted Kate on the street (I love it!) about the video of her and her best friend Blow, she went off on them with a: "A video? What video? F*** off, I don't want to know." Then when asked if she wanted to talk about taking drugs, the 31-year-old supermodel raged: "F*** off, f*** off, f*** off, f*** off! Just f*** off!" Ahahahahaha!! So F'in funny. That's what she gets for denying that she used any "Class A" drugs. Baby, you can't escape the tabloids...they know all truth. I love that they caught her ass and she will be humiliated. Throw that bitch into rehab for a year. Her poor family. Her poor baby Lila Grace.


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