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Tonight's Big Brother episode was classic. With the exception of the 5 minute Two and a Half Men clip (zzzz) It was brilliantly put together as a more-or-less tribute to the greatness of Janelle. Watching Friendship girls April, Maggie and Ivette's jealousy of her throughout the hour made me laugh so hard my eyes teared. Big Brother fans, you did it again, Janelle won America's Choice to go visit the set of Two and a Half Men. Yay! Get this, if you watch the live feeds, you would know that the Friendship thinks (as usual) that Janelle really did not win America's Choice, that it was all pre planned by Big Brother. Oh what a shock they will have when they come back into the real world.
Click Here to hear Quicktime audio of the Nerd herd trashing Janelle. (note, this did not make on-air and is not safe for work unless you are wearing earphones because Ivette uses the F word not to mention says "carpet muncher," good stuff though.

Oh dear Friendship, thank you again for telling us over and over that you are all saints like Mother Teresa and the viewers who watch this show and vote for people like Kaysar and Janelle must be stupid idiots who only like shallow women that wont date men who make at less than $200,000 a year. Yes, you got that right. How can America not love a girl from Texas, an emergency room nurse or a spicy Latina? I really have no idea why America does not like any of you and continues to show it to you anytime they have the opportunity. As I cue my violin music, please tell each other again that you are all wonderful, wonderful people because you never know, maybe if you say it enough times it actually might come true!! (cut to several clips of Friendship talking trash about other houseguests). Ivette, I do not understand how you could be so unlucky when you keep reminding your roommates how wonderful you are, how well you treat others, how you can't believe an evil "dark souled" bitch like Janelle can keep winning (cut to clip of Ivette's girlfriend saying "I really like Janelle!") and most importantly, how once again the prize should go to the person who needs the money the most (which, of course is you sweetie!), not who played the game best. Maggie, sweet Maggie, keep up that bewildered look you do so well and please continue in every single episode to throw in your quiet threat to the girlscouts, "if you go against the group, you lose the money." And Maggie, I know you said you were against plastic surgery, but hon, I really think you should consider it just a little. Oh Friendship, I don't know why you aren't winning these America's Choice contests. America, please...for the sake of The Friendship and this country, tell them in our comments section why these girlscouts are not winning America's Choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The nerd herd is diabolical. They believed that they were the Best of the Best and assumed that America would fall in line with their distorted perceptions of Good, Honest and Intelligent. Theese people are not ethical, not kind, not generous. Theese nerds are evil,vicious, munipulitive beasts.
America hates the nerd herd because they are HYPOCRITES and they are each hideously ugly and fake!!!!!!!!!!

12:26 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These girls (i wont even call them women) have no clue how they come off. I know we must take into consideration editing, but the way these girls have trash talked people is unreal. And they wonder why America thinks they are non-aware self-involved snits?

Telling sign, even Ivette's girlfriend doesn't understand the eric thing and she likes Janelle. Helllloooooooo!

I just can't wait for them to watch the episodes once this is all over and then hear what they have to say! I eargly anticipate the after BB6 talk shows when people call them out on all their crap! Let's see them talk their way out of that!

I do wonder if Julie Chen will ask April if she realized that there were cameras on while she consistantly picked her nose job?

12:19 PM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL..picked her nose job!

11:28 AM, September 13, 2005  
Anonymous I'm not Ellen Degeneres said...

I have known a lot of bitches in my life but no one compares to Ivette.

While Janelle is schmoozing with 2 and 1/2 men (torture segment there, the damn 3 girls are saying how wonderful they are? While they rip everyone apart. Janelle has to win this....and Ivette's girlfriend has to break up with her.

Tushie Face- DisGusting.

1:10 PM, September 13, 2005  

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