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Since the television show 24 started, my friends who are fans were relentless with their constant pleas to me, "YOU HAVE TO WATCH 24!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH 24!!!" I would just make a face back and say "heh, it's no The Shield." I even had a friend who installed a device that made the 24 tick-tock sound to go off everytime I walked in my office...drove me nuts. That is, until last season (season 4) when I decided to give the show a try. Afterall, pretty much all of the cast was going to be brand new, it couldn't be an easier time to start watching. What really pushed me over the 24 bandwagon edge was that William Devane was joining the cast as the Secretary of Defense and I luvvvvs William Devane circa the Knotts Landing years. Well, let me tell you...I started watching the show and was completely blown away. By the second episode I was saying, "The Shield, who?"
A&E will be showing a 24 season 4 marathon starting Sunday September 4th, 2pm after the other, after the other. You lucky bitches! You can see the whole season at once where I had to wait a week apart for each new episode. Trust me, don't miss it!!! I'm gonna watch it again just so I can see the fab William Devane and also my favorite character of the season, Behruz!!!!!


Anonymous The Shadow said...

What will Jack Bauer save us from in this season? Nuclear war? A lethal virus? Terrorists? Illegal imported ornages from mexico? This show is so ludicrous, it's laughable. Whenever anything happens, the only guy the government can call is this bottomed out, hard luck alcoholic. Yeah...that's the guy we want to trust with the future of our country. Exchanges like this provide the explanation..."Call jack Bauer." "Why him?" "'Cause he's the best." "What makes him the best?" "He just is, dammit. Now get me Jack. And spin up tango zulu satellite four-niner." I think they're running this marathon just to pipe it into Gitmo and show it to the detainees as a sick form of torture interrogation. After two episodes, I bet they'll talk.

5:44 PM, September 04, 2005  

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