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Hustle and Flow co-star Taryn Manning had the scare of her life while aboard JetBlue flight 292 Wednesday. Manning was among the 145 passengers and crew on the plane en route from Burbank's Bob Hope Airport to New York's JFK that was forced to make an emergency landing due to defective landing gear (the planes front nose wheels were twisted, yikes!). In an interview with Access Hollywood, Manning said, "You never think it is going to happen to you. I wrote little notes to my boyfriend, my mom and my brother...I was not wanting to be writing what I was writing...everybody was putting their ID's on them, It was scary." Since JetBlue has that nifty DirectTV, passenger's were able to watch the horrifying drama they were living play out live on television. Before attempting to land, the pilot flew over the ocean to burn off fuel and finally, after a three hour ordeal and amidst the burning, smoking and ripping tires, the plane landed successfully at LAX.

Taryn's a cool chick (not to mention has a really great band called Boomkat). I'm glad she and everyone else on the plane is ok!


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