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So, they always say celeb's go in threes....First we had dear Peter Jennings passing this week, then Dana Reeve (I know she is not dead but you will see my point soon) and now, the tough, sassy mamma known to all of us as "Miss Ellie Ewing" on Dallas, Barbara Bel Geddes, 82 died on Monday from the lung cancer too. Some of you kids may not be old enough to remember Miss Ellie (like my co-worker who, when I told him about her death, looked at me puzzled, scrunched up his face and said, "huh? ehh? who is that??), but I sure do and I mourned the day Donna Reed came in and replaced her on Dallas. It just wasn't the same Ellie after that, she was "fake Ellie." RIP Miss Ellie, and say hi to Jock for me.


Anonymous I'm not Ellen DeGeneres said...

Girl..thank you for your tribute to Miss Ellie....I loved her! She was sassy and I loved how JR and Jock listed to her. Tell your 'co-worker' he needs to watch some real TV. Not just shows with Jennifer Love Hewitt in it!

8:34 AM, August 22, 2005  

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