Tabloid Whore!



"Oh my God, what is wrong with her?? Why is she such a whore?!" That's what my friend said to me as we spent the first hour of work looking and laughing at all the jacked up pictures of Tara Reid on the internet (I still have to find him that old "nipple slip" one). O.k., so, I have a confession to make. As much as I didn't want to, I could not pass up a possible opportunity to make fun of Tara, so I (whispering...) watched some of that crap ass Wild On Tara Reid's wasted, completely worked and bloated excuse for a woman show on E!. Before I lose everyone's respect, I will preface this by saying I have my priorities in order. I taped the damn crap Tara show and watched my favorite Lifetime movie "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" ("Your Daddy dumped your Mommy for a 12 year old!") for the zillionth time instead. Yay! The follow-up movie airs tonight! So basically, this is the deal....I couldn't get past the first 20 mins of the Tara show before I turned it off and went to sleep. Like I expected, it was the biggest load of crap ever and I'm embarrassed for E! that they are even putting this on the air. Just give me more reruns of Dr. 90210 instead, ok? Seriously, the first scene had Tara walking down the stairs of an airplane, seemingly already drunk because she friggin' tripped on the last couple steps and even screwed up saying the name of the show. After that, I couldn't understand one word that drunkin' whore was saying. She talks so fast and slurs her words and the whole show sounded like this, "bladeba, badaba, dabada, badaba, Paris, Paris, abada, debasha, like, blabada." Also to my complete horror, the show basically followed that other freakin' whore Paris Hilton around, oh God, when is she going to go away??? Absolutely horrible. I should have gone with my gutt and stayed far, far, away. Never again.


Anonymous Ivanka said...

I saw on !!omg!! it said Paris Hiltons friend the socialite guy Cory Bernstein is fat,are they nuts? It says he's 168 pounds and 6 feet tall on his modeling composite.Its a sad day for America the way eating disorders are with him being called fat, I would be a cow then!

2:01 PM, August 18, 2005  

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