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First, I want to preface this by saying I’m a big fan of Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown. We saw Bobby and Whitney in a brand new light and laughed our asses off. Yes, they are looney tunes, but one of the things that is clear is that these two love each other, get each other, not to mention, are hell-to-the-hilarious. Yes, they have had their troubles, but this couple has been married since, damn…1992. That is a lot to say for a celebrity marriage where in Hollywood, marriages usually have a time span of about 18 months. So let’s give Whitney and Bobby some props where props are due and cross our fingers that we get Being Bobby Brown season two.

And now, some of the latest Bobby/Whitney gossip. Looks like there may be a job opening over there at the Brown/Houston ranch. Our fine friends at Radar have obtained court documents stating that in Feb 04, Houston and Brown’s maid of 17 years Silvia Vejar, “filed a suit claiming she’d been subjected to a six year pattern of sexual assault and harassment.” They go on to say that Vejar’s former coworker, Rose Hunt, “soon followed suit, claiming the couple fostered an “intimidating and offensive working environment.” The court documents do not go into specifics on what actually took place, but Radar says that a source close to Houston claims a “typical household chore” when Houston was “really screwed up from drugs” involved tending to her hygiene. “They would have to wash her privates for her. It was disgusting. Those poor women deserve anything they can get!” A courthouse source said a settlement was being negotiated.

Ahhh, hell to the no! Whitney, say it ain’t so!


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Crack is Whack!

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