Tabloid Whore!



Here we go...results are in and those big time investigators said they found no proof that Paula Abdul had an affair with former American Idol contestant Corey Clark or helped him on the show. "Paula Abdul, therefore, can continue as a judge on 'American Idol,'" the network and series producers said in a statement.Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! If that is not a load of crap, I don't know what is! No matter how greasy Corey Clark is, it was so obvious poor tortured Paula had an affair with him. I watched that Dateline interview! I saw Paula's cough medicine, receipts from Fred Segal and heard the voicemails! She did it, no question! Saying that, I never wanted Paula to leave the show, even as annoying as she is and as much as I scream "they have to get rid of her!!!" after every critique she gives, I would really miss seeing Simon torment her. Plus, Corey Clark is such a low-life that I would hate for him to get any vindication. Welcome back Paula!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blech. She sucks.

11:32 AM, August 16, 2005  
Anonymous I'm not Ellen DeGeneres said...

I agree-she absolutely did the deed with sleezy corey. But if she wasn't on the show-I wouldn't be able to call my girl a million times to make fun of her. So Paula-Keep drinking from your 'coke' glass, keep slurring your words, and please oh please keep clapping like a half aborted seal!

8:17 AM, August 22, 2005  

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