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Oh my hot, beautiful, Kaysar. Why'd you do it? Why did you let go of the button?? You were this close and your kindness took over. Oh Kaysar! I hate that Jennifer, I hate her! Even though it was funny when she was crying and then gave a little wink to the camera, I hate her for lying to my Kaysar. Rachel and Janelle have been nominated for eviction and the plan so far is to "back door" James. BUT, I have a very, very, very bad feeling about what is going down and my addiction to reading the jokers updates live feed boards is to blame. I will say nothing further about the situation except that in a few days, I may be too emotionally broken to write anymore BB6 updates. This is my punishment for getting too emotionally invested in a damn reality show, heartbreak over and over! I'm finally starting to recover from Bo and Constantine's losses on American Idol (oooh yay! 4 more days till the concert!) and now this. Freakin' Motherchuckers! Other highlights from last night's episode include everyone laughing and screaming at Beau's "Chocolate Pee Pee," Howie holding and comforting Rachel after she saw the Chocolate Pee Pee, Beau finally showing some personality when he got stinking drunk during the HOH comp by continually walking past Kaysar and slapping his ass (the smartest thing he's done all season.)


Blogger jizzy said...

Look at the bright side - invisible Jennifer is finally out there in the big old spotlight. No more skating by in the background. And her flat-out lying and promising on her life and then turning around immediately and doing the opposite will definitely put a big old target on her head. She needs to be obliterated.

But, ya, it looks like the bitch-girl clique (that includes Beau) has the upper hand this week no matter what at this point. They can choose to either get rid of James or take off one of Kaysar's team. There's no way around it. Moral to the story - Never trust bitches, especially Paula Abdul wannabes.

12:14 PM, August 14, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Amen. But trust me, we haven't seen anything yet regarding how vicious those bitches are.

8:15 PM, August 14, 2005  

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