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If you aren’t a fan of the television show Nip/Tuck, trust me, you should be. Aside from the fact that it is created and written by Ryan Murphy, the brilliant mind behind the now defunct show “Popular,” it stars the best looking & sexiest man alive (seriously), Julian McMahon. First off, Nip/Tuck shows booty and I ain’t talking about chick booty. Girls, we get to look at Christian Troy booty (yes, I am talking about his bare ass.) Me and my best friend spent the first 2 seasons calling each other at commercial breaks and proceded to blush and giggle with delight like school girls whenever McMahon’s character Christian Troy had a very graphic sex scene and trust me, there were a lot of them.

I have the scoop on Season 3 which is coming back on September 20th, so program your DVR’s people! : Even though Season 2 ended with Dr. Troy possibly being slashed in the face by a scary clown mask wearing serial killer, he will be back and having more sex than ever. TV Guide is reporting that hot, hot, hot, Troy “will have a ménage a trios in the season opener. And it won’t be a one-time thing. Troy and his girlfriend Kimber will enter what one show insider calls “a very brazen sexual relationship” with a kinky vice cop (played by guest star Rhona Mitra from The Practice). “There are a lot more weird romances this season,” confirms series creator Ryan Murphy.” “Boys and girls, boys with boys and girls with girls.” Add Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson) to that last category. She will have a lesbian romance after she solves her “marital dilemma” with her hubby Sean (Dylan Walsh.)”

Yippee! I can’t wait!


Blogger willam said...

maybe boys with trannies too!

2:51 PM, August 12, 2005  
Blogger All4JMchahon said...

Julian Mchahon Rockz And He Is Well Fit. Does Anyone Know What The Carver Has Done To Him. Can't Wait For Nip/tuck Season 3

1:07 PM, August 18, 2005  

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