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Jen the bitch. That is what I really wanted the headline to be. Or Ivette, the bitch and we can’t forget April the chin implant bitch with the pointy nose. Jen swore on her life that they would backdoor James and as we saw tonight, that horrible, horrible woman who couldn’t even win a HOH on her own merit, with real endurance or skill and had to resort to begging and tears, put my man Kaysar up for eviction when Rachel used the POV on herself. Watching tonight’s episode and knowing what was coming was truly painful. The past two days have been painful. I’m pissed. I wanna crack some skulls right now, all 5’4 of me. That friend of mine at work who I often quote on this blog (and who would now like to be referred to as simply “The Shadow”) tried to comfort me saying “don’t feel bad, Kaysar isn’t real, he is just an anamatronic at Disneyland.” Even that didn’t help. What the hell went wrong and how sexy was it when Kaysar angrily threw his baseball cap against the wall? It’s just like Kaysar said, he gave that HOH to Jen after hours of torment in the “Pressure Cooker” and she looked him in the eye and gave her word, on her life. I really hope Karma catches up to her. Don't even get me started on that piece of work James. Suddenly he has become “Saint James,” all about morals and playing the game right? EXCUSE ME? He is not fooling me, not fooling me for a minute with all his heartfelt diary room statements and conversations with “The Friendship” (they should ALL be eliminated for having such a lame name)! As I thought, tonight’s episode did not show the eruption that went on in the BB house after Kaysar was put up for nomination. Maybe we will see some of it on Thursday’s live show, maybe we wont. Let’s just put it this way…Janelle and Howie went on a rampage. I’m talking about a drunk Janelle yelling at Beau that he is a “gold digging slut who F@*ks old men for money,” yelled “go F*#k yourself!” to Jen, Maggie and April all on separate occasions—and that’s not even half of the Janelle highlights. Howie went off on April saying she is in trouble because she's either with him in the BB house or sequester house, no one bothers to put her up because she sucks so much, she is the most annoying person in the house and that he doesn’t f'ing care anymore, she is going out the f'ing door next week when he wins HOH next Thursday!” Beau got drunk again and puked in his bed over and over. They even had to get a bucket for him. So, we’ll see who gets evicted. No matter who goes and even if it’s Kaysar, I have no doubt that after witnessing last nights events, Howie and Janelle will honor his words: “next week, we terrorize them.”


Blogger jizzy said...

Ooooh, baby, so you liked it when Kaysar threw his cap at the wall in a fit of rage, did you? So you like a guy with a hot temper, eh? Yeeeeeah.

Wow! I really hope they show some of that Janelle-Howie action on Thursday's show. That sounds like all the good stuff! It appears they intentionally left all that out to soften things for the broadcast version of the show. Stupid! Let's see the fireworks!

Those bitches are dirt. Scum! I don't think I've hated people on BB more than I have on this year's show. Death to them all!!!!!!!

2:59 PM, August 17, 2005  

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