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Today was a fun day. I managed to do practically no work at my job AND score an invitation to go see a taping of Rockstar: INXS this Sunday! YES! I can’t wait to see Marty! Tonight I’m ODing on TV and juggling, juggling all the shows…Tuesdays are maddening during Big Brother season. It’s bad enough I keep forgetting to tape Dog The Bounty Hunter because I am always so excited about Big Brother. I finally managed to catch up on Being Bobby Brown and oh, my God, Kathy Griffin’s “I’m not Nicole Kidman” special and her new reality show “The D-List.” I loved how her mom was telling her maybe she could get an Iraqi baby instead of a Cambodian Crack baby (her words people!). Iraqi’s are so “it” right now! AND here it comes, speaking of Iraqi’s…..DRUMROLL! Wednesday is your LAST chance to cast your internet votes to bring Kaysar back into the Big Brother house! I googled “vote for Kaysar” and it came up with 22,700 results about bringing him back and "vote for Eric" came up with 224 results (and most of those were talking about the past eviction night,) if that doesn’t tell ya something. Please, even if you don’t watch the show and you are just reading this for fun, please click on the link and vote for him at least once!

On to Big Brother. Is James the luckiest bastard around, or what? Instead of his hand burning off for lying on the bible, he wins the Power of Veto! You know it’s because his mamma is home prayin’ to the Almighty. Actually, James is only lucky because he has the stupidest roommates on earth who didn’t understand the game and the fact that they needed to be shoving all that candy in his piñata. Guess they must have been doing “ghetto math” in their heads. More importantly, how much do I want my own life size piñata to hang in my bedroom? Better yet, I want to paint me a black piñata like Beau got! The best part of the night was Ivette being put up for nomination, even though she insists she “volunteered.” Thank you Howie—Holla at your boy!! We were also treated to the houseguests making campaign T-shirts for the evicted houseguest they want back in the house. Don’t get me started on Ivette and her plea to the “Latins and the whole gay community” to bring her Crappy back! Meh. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that the Latin and gay community probably aren’t too fond of Crappy either. How fun would it be to watch Ivette walk out the door on Thursday and pass Kaysar as he’s walking back in? Unfortunately, I think they want to get rid of cry baby Sarah first, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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