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Ok. I have had a night to sleep on it and I think I owe it to BB6 and the final days of Kaysar to re-do my wrap up that got lost. So here we go.....and as always, comments please..!

"Cappy this! Cappy that!" WTF? I thought Ivette was a lesbian? If I have to hear her go on and on about "Cappy" anymore I am going to go even more nuts than when Kaysar leaves the house tomorrow night. What was her deal, going into the bathroom and literally weeping over her "Cappy" being gone? She barely knew this man for a month! When she started crying "the bad guys always win! waa! waa! waa!" I just about threw up. Bad Guys??? Eric, oh excuse me, "Cappy" WAS the bad guy. If you ask me, accusing an innocent guy of sexual harassment, trying to start a fist fight and manipulating the whole house into thinking you are a hero constitutes as a "bad guy." My sources have also told me that darling "Cappy" is as much a jerk outside of the house as he is in. Supposedly, they even had to have him tone it down for the show.

Arrgh! Power of Veto competition: Of all times for Sarah to win a competition it has to be now? Dammit! She took boyfriend James off the block and now Janelle goes up in his place against Kaysar. Unfortunately, I still don't think there is much hope for him staying. There is going to be a collective disappointment among BB addicts when he walks out that door. I hope the show remains interesting, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. Aside from the disappointment of Sarah winning the veto, there were two comments made that made it all worth it and that was when Kaysar, pissed that he was losing the competition said to the camera "I was throwing the ball like a sissy girl!" and then the classic James moment when he said deadpan to the camera, "Beau says he played baseball for 7 years, I bet it was catcher." There is something about James and the way he makes these comments so completely straight face that kills me.

Luxury competition winners: Please stop the screaming like little bitches people! Annoying!

Alright. Well, we got about 36 hours to go before the good times are over. That is, unless a miracle happens. Pray, pray, pray!


Blogger jizzy said...

SHUT-UP!!!!! is right! Yuck, Ivette is the most annoying creature I've had to listen to in a long time. "Cappy-mania" needs to end! Why is she crying?!?!?? What a dumb stupid thing she is. Get her outta there!!!!

OK, Kaysar is probably going on Thursday, yes. Gonna miss those eyebrows. But this is the "summer of secrets" and since all the secrets so far AREN'T secrets anymore, I assume some of the evicted houseguests WILL have a chance to get back into the house somehow. I just have a hunch that Julie is still hiding something that will "send shockwaves through the house"! Come on Julie, spill the beans!

James does have a cool deadpan wit. It is obvious Beau is a "catcher" and that was a great comment. Even though James is being a snake by playing both sides, it's probably a good strategic move and he's definitely breaking some morality rules by swearing on the Bible and then planning to do something else. But maybe he's an atheist?!?! No sin there.

I don't want to see Janelle go either. Ya, she is somehat of a ditz (and a felon, too, I guess), but I still kind of like her for some unknown reason.

4:01 PM, August 03, 2005  

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