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Way to go America! Janelle wins "America's Choice!"

It sucks to be the host of your own funeral but there is no way I'm giving up.--- James BB6

I felt bad for James and I love that he never gives up. You gotta respect the guy, he knows how to play the game and play it well. It's an injustice when a good player gets backdoored, that's not real competition to me. That blank look James gets in his eyes when he knows he's toast just kills me. Still, I don't want Howie or Janelle to leave over him so, James, It's been nice knowin' ya.

Who else saw Howie's crack when he and Janelle were in the HOH room talking to April? Oh yah, Howie was right, April's husband IS fat.

Oh Beau, stop being a little bitch. Just accept the fact that yes, Janelle IS "a frickin lucky bitch!" as you said AND WE LOVE JANELLE, and the fact that she won the trip to the Bahamas, ok? Neener, neener, neener! Get the message. No one likes you and "The Friendship." The icing on the cake was Janelle also winning America's Choice and I gleefully laughed my ass off. Of course Janelle, my kind of girl asked Michael, "Did Britney Spears have her baby?" She is so cute. I love that "The Friendship" had to fake happiness when Janie won. What a whiny cryfest that was afterwards. Ivette. You big crybaby. America Hates you most!!! Maybe if you weren't so evil (evilette as she is called on the boards) you would have had a better chance of getting a phonecall from your "tushie pie." Evil bitches Ivette ("waa! Waa! I hate her!" Boofrikitywho!), Maggie ("they wouldn't have put Eric on the phone with me"- DUH!) and April ("If America really picked Janelle, they hurt my feelings!" well, yay!!-), and all the crying and trash talking they did about Janelle and "America" in the HOH bedroom was one of the best segments I have seen. I love how the PTB at Big Brother are totally calling out "The (gag) Friendship."

Rumor is that it's another double-eviction week. Cross your fingers and say some magic spells that Janelle or Howie win HOH Thursday night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cannot beleive that those "friendship" people don't get it that we, the American public, can't stand them!!!!

It's going to be a shocker when they find out the reality of it all.

How egomaniacle are they that they can't understand why America doesn't like "them".


Go Janelle and Howie!!!!!!

4:30 PM, August 31, 2005  

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