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Oh, I am so annoyed!! Two jurors who voted to acquit Michael Jackson of child molestation charges are now coming out and saying they "regret their decisions." Gee, I wonder if the fact that they both have pending book and TV movie deals has anything to do with this sudden change of heart. Jurors Ray Hultman, 62 and Eleanor Cook, 79 will appear on Rita Cosby's MSNBC show tonight and I can't wait to hear what a load of crap they are going to be dishing out. I know I'm going to be yelling at the TV for this one. In a preview shown Monday on NBC's "Today," Cosby asked Cook if the other jurors will be angry with her. "They can be as angry as they want to. They ought to be ashamed. They're the ones that let a pedophile go," responded Cook. AAAAGHGHGHGH!!! What kind of idiots are we dealing with here??? Those 2 jurors are the ones that should be "ashamed" because if anyone is at fault for "letting a pedophile go" it should be the two jurors who voted to acquit Jackson when they actually thought he was guilty! The name of their two stinkin' books are "The Deliberator" by Hultman and Cook's is "Guilty as Sin, Free as a Bird." I hope they don't sell one copy and when I see them in a bookstore I will turn them upsidedown in protest. I am sick of people saying they will be on a jury, make a fair, honest decision and then after the verdict say that they suddenly don't agree. Oh, but of course, these people are the ones who also take advantage and make book and movie deals. If you ask me, these two should get freakin jail time for perjury of their vote! And the fact that they are trying to blame it on the other jurors makes me sick. I'm sorry to go off, but I just really hate stupid people like this that get airtime on shows like Rita, Greta and Larry King. The worst part is that as disgusted as they make me, I can't help but watch and that makes me even madder. AAAARGH!


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Although I agree with you 100%, in a tiny but of support to these jurors, speaking from my own experience on a jury, i know that you have to follow the rule of the law to a T. Meaning, the prosecution must prove x, y and z, beyond a resonable doubt (famous words) or else you cannot convict. So although they may beleive he is guilty, if x, y, and z were not proven by the prosecution, they cannot convict. It SUCKS but that's our legal system.

BUT if they felt that strongly, they should have stood their ground and let it be a "hung jury" and let another set of jurors have a go at it.

12:37 PM, August 08, 2005  

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