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What's really going on with Eminem? You know what they say in Hollywood, when a celebrity is suffering from "exhaustion" we are to assume it is a code word for a drug addiction or drug overdose. Well, Eminem cancelled his European tour for that very reason, "exhaustion." Interscope Records released a statement saying, "Eminem is currently being treated for exhaustion, complicated by other medical issues. The shows are not expected to be rescheduled." Hmmmmm....? (eyebrows raised) "other medical issues" you say? What on earth could that be? Eminem's publicist told The Associated Press he had no further information on Eminem's condition, and couldn't say whether he was hospitalized or what other medical issues he had. Interesting, very interesting. In other Eminem news, darling Mariah Carey is pissed to high heaven because Eminem has been playing her "intimate phone messages" to audiences on his Anger Management tour. reports the private messages feature Carey begging, "I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won't you see me? Why won't you call me? You're not calling me." Eminem then pretended to vomit into a prop toilet on stage and launched into his song PUKE which features lines including "you make me sick." Nice. I bet Mariah couldn't be happier about his sudden bout of "exhaustion."


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