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UPDATE: WTF? I didn't even hear this rumor, but Drudge has this little blurb...don't want any fans to worry!
FALSE COURTNEY LOVE SUICIDE RUMORS FILL INTERNET: LAPD Officer Kathi Simpson of the Media Relations office says detectives report that the suicide in the 8500 block of Mulholland Drive in the Mount Olympus area does not involve a celebrity. Off duty police officer reportedly killed self early in morning in secluded area off famous drive...

original post:
Aww Courtney, you break me freakin' heart! I really wanted to believe in you and have a little faith, I should have known better. Boohoo. -so sad-

Page Six had the following dirt on Courtney at Pammy Anderson's recent Comedy Central roast:

YESTERDAY'S announcement that Courtney Love had tested positive for drugs came as no surprise to anyone who attended the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson Sunday night at the Sony Studios in L.A. Love was "out of it" when she arrived. On the red carpet, she slammed her head into a photographer's lens while posing for a close-up, a source said. During the roast, Love, seated on the dais, repeatedly flashed her crotch at the crowd, pulled up her shirt to reveal a lacy black bra and shouted "Drugs on the house!" She babbled incoherently into the microphone for ten minutes — prompting more than a few people to tell the rocker to be quiet. After Love shouted, "I'm sober over a year now," host Jimmy Kimmel said, "If this is sober, there is a real problem." One audience member snickered, "She makes Andy Dick look like a choirboy." The roast will be televised Sunday at 10 p.m., but sources say Love's antics will "have to be cut. Even Comedy Central can't run most of what she did." Love's manager didn't return calls


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard about this and thought of you right away. I'm sorry.

1:51 PM, August 12, 2005  
Blogger JP said...

How hard would it be to be her manager? Who decides that's a good idea?

9:03 AM, August 13, 2005  

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