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Oh wow, Courtney Love is allegedly pregnant. Oh dear. I don't even know who this guy Steve Coogan is, I gotta look him up. Note the source of this is News of The World, so who knows about it's validity... I don't have time for commentary right now so here is the story...more from me later, fo'sho.....

Troubled singer Courtney Love is pregnant with actor Steve Coogan's baby.

Love has confirmed she is expecting the Around The World In 80 Days star's child following a torrid two week affair at Los Angeles' Sunset Marquis hotel last month (JUL05).

She says, "Yes, I am pregnant with Steve's baby, but I'd rather not talk about our relationship."

A source tells the News Of The World, "It was literally non-stop sex. Courtney described Steve as 'a f**king sex addict' and said he had a major substance problem.

"He admitted to seeing seven other women as well as Courtney but he told her he wasn't in love with any of them - he was falling in love with her."

Love, who is on probation for three separate charges, is currently on a 28 day drug treatment program after failing a drug test.

The source adds, "This couldn't come at a worse time for her.

"She hasn't made any decision about whether she should keep the baby or not. Courtney is 41 and this might be the last time she gets to have another child."

the 41-year-old singer has released an official statement through her management company, Sanctuary Artist Management., denying she is pregnant.
The statement says, "Courtney Love wishes to make it clear that she denies recent stories suggesting she is pregnant or has had a relationship with Steve Coogan.


Anonymous I'm not Ellen Degeneres said...

Sweet Baby Jesus....she announces she's preggers, while in rehab, and then says she doesn't know if she'll keep it???? Oh my god....she should not be allowed to have children and poor Frances Bean..that poor girl just doesnt stand a chance. Just like Bobbi Houston....I love you Bobby and I love YOU Bobbi.....whack jobs.

5:16 PM, August 22, 2005  

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