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Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!! Fans of Big Brother, if you do not watch the live feeds or at least read the live feed updates, today is the day to start. But most importantly, DO NOT MISS TONIGHT and THURSDAY night's episodes. I'm not going to post any major spoilers, all I will say is that they can only put so much in an hour show and edit out so many swear words. Be warned, if you do look at these sites, it will spoil POV competition and it's aftermath, but it is so worth it. All out war has broken out in the house (i'm telling you we have never seen anything like this) and you will get the complete story and transcripts, pictures, etc by looking at Jokers Updates. Read everything you can from yesterday, because I promise, there is no way it can all make it onto the actual broadcast. I also just found a site called Dingo's Hamster Watch that gave a good quick recap of yesterday's happenings.

Also, don't forget to TiVo the premiere of "Tommy Lee Goes To College" 9pm/nbc. !!!


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