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Oh no! My man Bo is off the American Idol tour! By the way Bo-licious was running and dancing around on stage with a cast last week, no one would have guessed anything more than a broken foot was bothering with him when he blew the roof off the Los Angeles Staples Center, but apparently he's been very ill. -tears- The following night, Bo was rushed to Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas where he underwent emergency surgery this past Friday. reported that according to a note posted on, Bo's official website, the surgery was a success, but Bo will not be returning to the Idol tour:

"Bo has successfully undergone an emergency medical procedure that was urgently needed to save his life," the site said. "Bo had a blockage in his intestines that required immediate surgery. After the successful surgery it is critical that Bo rests for a minimum of six weeks. He will be returning to his home soon to do so."

Remember all the rumors back during the Idol finale that Bo was sick and had food poisoning? Well, he was sick but it was not food poisoning, it was his stomach problems which almost sidelined him that night. Bo's & Constantine's performances have been the highpoint of the Idol tour. Since Bo has been absent for the past three shows and now unable to return, how did they handle the show without him? posted the following show scoop on their website:

On Saturday night in San Jose, the first show since Bo’s surgery, those in attendance were not told in advance that Bo would not be performing. Then, at the point where Bo would have normally appeared onstage, Anthony announced that Bo would not be performing and instead, his performance of “Vehicle” was shown on the jumbotron. After that, Constantine came out, singing “Sweet Home Alabama,” and was joined by Scott, Anthony, Anwar, and Nikko in an emotional tribute to Bo. At the end of the show, during the encore, Constantine wore a Bo Bice tee shirt!

I feel really lucky to have been able to see Bo perform live for what was, unbeknownst to us, his final night on the Idol tour. Bo, we love you! Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!!


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are you serious?

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