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So, I’m sitting home on a Saturday night, no hot date, it’s just me and my Big Brother 6. As I sit typing, I realize that I can’t even have a hot tv date because my man Kaysar won’t be on tonight’s episode. So sad. He is probably off somewhere, sequestered and lonely. Only 5 more days Kaysar, 5 more days. Now let’s see how Howie tears the house apart tonight with nominations. Go Booobies!

As much as James is becoming shady, I really, really, hope that Howie nominates Ivette and Maggie. Bitches! Howie noooooo! Don’t cut a deal with Beau and Ivette, don’t do it. I know that James is a threat, but honestly, once someone is exposed on the show they aren’t a threat anymore. Oh! James just sassed America on TV telling us. “America, you can send Eric back, I’ll just send him out next week!” Don’t sass the people James and get them mad and mess up Kaysar’s numbers! Damn you! They seem to be giving James so much power and so much credit. All that he did was play both sides and quickly was found out. That’s not brilliant if you ask me. Good ‘ol Dr. Will wrote the book on how to play both sides brilliantly without getting caught. Aw Will, I wonder what he is up to.

Ewwww! April is running around showing everyone that she has a tail, deformed butt crack (wonder who let her know that,), and a really pointy nose and bad tan. She also has a nasty smoking habit and I read on the live feed boards she was literally crying like a baby in the bathroom when she ran out of cigarettes. I think BB gave her a patch to wear. I gotta say again, there is no way she is 30.

So, it’s Saturday and that means we have to go through the “let’s see who gets what in the HOH room.” Howie got twinkies, cupcakes, and yes! A black speedo! Note to self: find pictures on the “internets” of Howie in new black speedo. He was upset that there was no light saber for him. Rachel is really awesome, I like her. I wish they would all stop using the term “backdoor” when they talk about secretly plotting to get someone else out of the house that wasn’t originally nominated though.

Oh wowowowwowww they just did an America’s Choice promo with the three men pleading their case. Michael, sorry he has no chance in hell, Eric still looked like an idiot and Kaysar looked beautiful in his brown sweater and blue shirt…lovely gentleman.

Food Competition: Hahahhaha, Love how Janelle faked ‘em all out by smooshing the food in her face and moaned like she was going to be sick to make everyone think she was a team player and it worked. As she said, “I love to play make-believe.” You know that there are thousands of pervs watching the show that went nuts over that comment. Everyone was cheering for her. James is the only one who realized she was scamming everyone. He is good. Damn bitch has chocolate cake smeared all over her face and she is still gorgeous.

Oh Howie. I really wish he didn’t nominate James and Sarah so soon. He should have waited a week. I do love how James is still on fire and fighting even though he is up for nomination. Sarah, well, Sarah is crying like a baby because she might lose her boyfriend –eyeroll-. An observation I had tonight was that Beau and Jennifer, because they are so boring, are going to slide through this game. I hate that they could possibly make final four because everyone is working so hard to get rid of all the good players. No one who is a real fan of Big Brother wants a slider to win in the end. No one.


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