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Jury selection started off with a bang yesterday in the Robert Blake wrongful death civil trial. Eric Dubin, the lawyer for Bonnie Bakley's four white trash children, got an unexpected and unwelcomed surprise when several prospective jurors gloriously mouthed off about their feelings on this so-called-lawsuit. The feeling in the courtroom was that Bakley's family is suing so they can get some easy money and should leave good 'ol Bobby alone. "To me it's a deep-pockets affair," said one male potential juror. "I think you ought to leave Blake alone. He's gone through enough. It's sort of like how his wife tried to get in with him and get his money." The man said he believed Bakley's children are "trying to break him" and he could not understand why they think they are entitled to Blake's money. "I don't think Blake was even close to the family," he said. "If he was a poor man I don't think they would be going after his underwear." Oh thank you, wise man. Other prospects chimed in with similar feelings and Dubin at one point said to Superior Court Judge David M. Schacter, "Your honor, this is a tough crowd." Among other prospective jurors was a man who said he was offended because "to me it seems like double jeopardy. He is being tried for the same set of actions twice." In further questioning, Dubin compared Blake's situation to that of O.J. Simpson who was acquitted of murder and then was sued for wrongful death. After a number of questions, a male prospect blurted out: "I think you should stop mentioning the O.J. trial. There's no comparison." How I wish I was in that courtroom so I could throw my 2 cents in too. And for all of you "goody goodies" who think I am not being very "PC" about a woman that got shot in the head, well, 1) I don't care 2) take the time to read here about the what scums Bakley and her entire family were, not to mention the reasonable doubt in the case before you judge me!


Anonymous The Shadow said...

If that were my wife, I'd have shot here in the head, too. They should give Robert Blake a medal and a key to the city.

12:06 PM, August 30, 2005  

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