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Alright, so, last night I went to my very first American Idol concert. No, I am not 13 and please don't make fun of me. I did it for two reasons and two reasons only: Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis. I hesitated going, knowing now how much the tv show is a scam and really didn't want to give my $60 freakin' dollars (yes, you heard me...) to Nigel Lithgow, Simon Fuller and all the rest of those stinking money grubbing, ballot box stuffing sons-o-bitches, but Bo & Constantine were a callin.' So basically, the show was everything you would expect, um pretty uneventful and def not worth the ticket price. But here are some highlights: Jessica Sierra opened up the show (um, who?)--exactly. Nikko Smith was actually really good, looked like Usher and even treated us to a little Justin Timberlake. Anwar Robinson was sweet chocolate as ever. When that stinky Scott "Fatty Arbuckle Baby Mamma Beater" Savol came out we left our seats and circled the Staples Center in protest and sarcastically cried out "Go Scotty! GO!" every couple minutes and then burst out laughing. Still after all these months, the memory of him is painful and hearing his horrible, off key voice is even worse. One of the bright spots was my man Constantine Maroulis. He was awesome, but I have to say that the consensus amongst us girls was that good 'ol Connie enjoyed a couple pops before going on stage--if you know what I'm saying. Nonetheless, he was thoroughly enjoyable. For some unknown reason, there was a 30 minute intermission where at one point pictures of celebrities were flashing up on the big screens and crowd reactions were as follows: Jude Law popped up and people yelled "cheater!" Will Smith popped up and people cheered, Brad Pitt popped up to first squeals and then scattered groans, Jennifer Aniston popped up and the place filled with sad "awwwwwwws" and then, Angelina Jolie's face popped up and the place erupted and I really mean erupted into a mass cry of boo's and hisses. Awesome! Ok, so after intermission Cute Baby V came out and she was great, sweet, lovely as always, Nadia Turner came out with bigger hair than I've ever seen (think of those joke fro wigs you can buy)...then Federov treated us to his first Spanish song on stage! Oh so dreamy! -eyeroll-. Then, the one, the only, Bo Bice came out with a cute little cane cuz of his broken foot and basically tore that place apart. When he walked out on stage, the Staples center literally shook from how loud the screams were. People were cheering, singing and shaking their bootys. With only 4 songs, Bo was able to make you forget you were sitting at an American Idol concert and he played the guitar (sexy!). Even though his hair still needs a bit of work (thank god, at least no flat iron tonight), he is truly, truly, so talented and way beyond AI. Although the show should have ended on Bo, that fake American Idol Carrie Underwood came out and basically people just sat in their seats or decided it was the time to leave. Sorry Carrie, must be hard to follow a Bice Buzz!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How very immature of you to act that way when Scott Savol came onstage. What an idiot. Others spent their 60 bucks and didn't deserve your stupidity. And you have the nerve to publish this shit? I just found your site recently and enjoyed it, but now that I know you are obviously an ignorant child, I won't be back. Not that I think you care, just in case you thought I did. You are an ignorant ass. This isn't about Scott Savol. This is about respect for others who spent their hard-earned money to see a show that you ruined for them.

7:32 AM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

I'm not really sure how circling around near the concession stands completely outside from the show is spoiling it for others, but,ok. If I wanted to spoil it for others I would have stayed in my seat. Anyway, thanks for being my very first flamer! I will frame your comment like new businesses frame their first dollar bills! Now I've really made it to the big time!!

11:40 AM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger jizzy said...

Good riddance, anonymous! A word of friendly advice on your way out the door - try to get some thicker skin if you ever hope to survive the internet or life in general. There are a lot of differing opinions and personalities out there. Take a deep breath and look in the mirror and see exactly who is the immature one here. Calling someone an "idiot" an "ignorant ass" - now that's really mature. We don't really need babies around here anyway - so grow up a little and see if you can come back and play with the big boys.

9:12 PM, August 18, 2005  
Anonymous Jan Ice said...

Hey ANONYMOUS- pack your bags and let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. My girl 'tabloidwhore' is a mighty powerful woman but for you to blame her for ruining everyones night at the STaples center...then I believe the title of 'idiot' belongs to someone else. I sure am proud of her for pissing you off.
I got your back TW!!

7:54 AM, August 22, 2005  

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