Tabloid Whore!



My girl Britney has a frown on her face because she just found out that her cash flow is a runnin' low. There are some reports that Britney talked to her people and said the green is drying up and she wants to put out another album asap to get it growing again. Seems like her and Kevin "I do clean up nice" Federline have spent too many days lounging by the pool at the Ritz and oh yah, the 7 million dollar house they bought, and oh yah, the motorcycles for Kevin, the gold watches and chains, the freetos and you know how expensive Kevin's custom made saggy pants are. Seriously though, that chick has got sooo much money, I really doubt the rumors that she is hard up for cash. But, If by the slight chance she is, shouldn't Kevin get the job for once?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my favorite entry yet! I love the combo of the headline and the pic of Britney pouting....

11:03 AM, July 08, 2005  

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