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So, the other day when I was wondering quietly to myself whether or not this site would be useful to those not "in the know" about the latest gossip, a friend of mine saw the cover of my latest Star Magazine and asked, "so, um, who's the father of Demi Moore's baby again?" News Flash: For all of you that thought that was NASA's Space Probe smashing into a comet the other day, it wasn't. It was my freakin' head exploding when I was asked that question by a seemingly intelligent friend. I guess I really am doing good for others! Note to self: Send friend this link.

So, I got a request from one of my fabulous and loyal readers (someone who DOES actually know who Demi's baby daddy is) to list my picks for the upcoming summer reality shows. So, here it is. Some of them may have already started and some are coming soon. I don't have time to look up the premiere dates so I'll try to do a reminder post before they debut, better yet, why don't you just watch commercials or check your TV guide. :)

1) BIG BROTHER 6 - This is one of the best, if not the best group living situation reality shows out there. It is the sleeper reality show because it has this cult following and I'm telling you, if you watch it and stick with it, you will be hooked. People who don't watch only remember the bore that was Season 1 but the show has come so far since that first season, it is purely addictive. There is none of the sleaziness of the Real World, but all the competitiveness and scheming and backstabbing of Survivor. All my friends that watch this are dying for it to start again. OH! OH! I just checked when it is starting and it is in 2 days!!!!!. CBS Tue 9pm, Thu 8pm, Sat 8pm

2) AVERAGE JOE 3 (Tue 8pm NBC)- This show has been on for 2 weeks already but it is definitely not too late to start watching. I'll be honest, I planned on boycotting it for the second year in a row because I was so heartbroken when the original "Average Joe" Adam did not get picked. I lost all my faith in humanity and in my hopes that there was a woman out there who could be less shallow than me and actually pick a goofy looking guy. Season 2 I boycotted, but was smart enough to catch the last hour of the finale where the girl once again picks the pretty boy, only for him to go postal on her when she "confesses her deep dark secret"...she once dated....FABIO.
But back to AJ3, I had it on in the background one night and "accidentally" got hooked to it. The guys are pretty adorable and I suspect they have some hidden hunks in there they threw some glasses on to try and make look like dorks, but I know better. Tonight the "hot guys" came on to mess up the Average Joe's game and I already hate the cocky sonsobitch hot guys.

3) Hogan Knows Best VH1 Sundays- I am so excited for this one. VHI has been showing 5 minute previews of Hulk Hogan's new reality show. Yes, you heard me, Hulk Hogan...and I enjoy it. There is no better way to describe this show better than how Hogan did himself, "We are like the Osbournes minus the drugs." YAY!

4) The Surreal Life VH1 Sundays- This is a strange show. Nothing beats the debut season when Emmanuel Lewis was on (go Manny Mo!), and last season we got to see that Peter Brady actually kinda turned out to be a hunk with washboard abs, but this season I will watch with my hand over my eyes as Janice Dickensen from America's Next Top Model (love it!) and that horrible, evil bitch Omarosa from the Apprentice face off as roommates. I don't know anyone else that is on the show, I just want to see Janice put Oma in her place. This very well MIGHT be one of the best seasons yet.

5) Dog The Bounty Hunter 9pm TUE A&E- oh how I love the Dog. He earned my forever loyalty when he caught that disgusting scum of a rapist Andrew Luster a couple years back after he jumped bail to Mexico. Now we get to see him wipe scum off the streets in Hawaii week after week. Mostly it's people selling the ice (aka: devil's dandriff) y'know brah. Best part about it, he may look tough, but the brother's got heart and I love him.


Blogger JP said...

Perhaps I will tune in for Big Brother...I am definitely one of the people who were bored the only time I ever watched it - Season One. I have to give a thumbs down to this Hilton show, a thumbs up to Trading Spouses, and a surprise thumbs up to Dancing with the Stars. Who knew?

11:28 AM, July 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add to this list the Kathy Griffin Life on the B List show on Bravo. I cannot wait for that to start! I think it's not until August but I love Kathy Griffin (or is it Griffith?) and her gossipy tales of the celebs she encounters while hosting awards shows and being on Hollywood Squares....

1:58 PM, July 06, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Kathy Griffin is my queen. I have had the honor of seeing her do her act live. Is the show on Bravo going to be weekly or a new one hour special like she had on Bravo last year? Yay!

2:05 PM, July 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's going to be a weekly series.

9:13 AM, July 07, 2005  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Def thumbs down to whore Hilton show (didn't even dare to look at it) and YAY thumbs up to dancing with the stars, although v.sad that John O'Hurley did not win. So. Damn. Cute.

11:10 PM, July 07, 2005  

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