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The damn Globe Magazine. They got me...well, actually, they got my $2.99 when I bought their crap paper thinking I was gonna get a Peterson scoop. I should have known that the only paper I can trust for accuarate Peterson scoops is The National Enquirer, but when I saw the headline "Investigator's shocking new report....Scott Slit Laci's Throat," I grabbed the paper and threw my money on the counter and ran off to read this "World Exclusive." Basically, the claim is that Scott told a fellow inmate (and we know how believable those inmates are) that he slit Laci's throat. But that is it. No details beyond that...was it in the home, was it in the boat, did he strangle her first? Then they said that some "law enforcement officials" (which probably are the janitors in the building or something) think that Scott knocked her out and then when he got her on the boat realized he she was still alive and slit her throat then. Give me a break. If he slit her throat, there would have been blood evidence somewhere on the boat. They can spot blood anywhere by using Luminol no matter how much someone tries to clean it up. There is also speculation that Scott told the inmate this information as a warning to other prisoners not to mess with him. My final conclusion is that I just don't believe the slit throat theory, let alone that he even "confessed" anything.


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Tabloid Whore:

Thank you so much for posting all of this yummy stuff all in one place! Saves me my call to you for updates. Now we can just have girls shopping day out, enjoy a latte and chat about where you bought your latest FAB pair of jeans!

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