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Here you go. My picks for the top 3 on Rockstar: INXS. Remember these picks and then feel free to tell me how right I was again once they pick a winner. Ty was awesome, a bit theatrical (has previously performed in "We Will Rock You") but how can you not love a brother with a mohawk? Awesome. Then we have Wil, who, yes, is my cute boy pick (I always seem to have one) but the boy can sing. As I started watching I said, "No Pretty Boys! This is INXS! We need a rocker!" But Wil was much more than pretty boy, he had an awesome voice and also hypnotised the ladies in the audience as witnessed with the blonde lady who was licking her lips as he was singing (eeegh). Then we have Marty. Sweet skinny little Marty who had a kooky presence about him...unique voice and I liked him a lot. One thing to note: I'm sorry if this is not "PC," but we cannot have a woman lead singer of INXS, it just aint right. Needs to be a dude. Not to mention, all the women were pretty much copycats of famous female singers, with, the exception of Heather. She was the only woman with her own style not to mention a great voice. Although, who else could not stop doing double-takes wondering if it really was Nacomis from last year's Big Brother?


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