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A smug Kobe sits deep in thought, "uhh huh, that little blonde girl couldn't keep ME down for long!"

ohhh well isn't that nice.... our boy Kobe "I cheated on my wife and bought her a big purple diamond because I swear I didn't rape that woman" Bryant has got his endorsement deals back!! Nike, who decided to take Bryant's face off ads shortly after signing him to a 45 million dollar deal before his arrest for "an alleged assault on a female employee at a Colorado resort" has decided that it's the proper time to bring back the Kobester...because you know, who even remembers that he "allegedly" raped that girl (what was her name?), right? AND , after all, poor Kobe has had enough punishment not winning the last two championships and all...I mean c'mo! Bring that boy back! Here is a link for all of you that may have missed the fab interview Kobe had with the police about his Colorado hotel room encounter. Whether you think Kobe was guilty of rape or not, what the hell ever happened to the old saying, "winners never cheat and cheaters never win?"


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