Tabloid Whore!



Dammit! Why is it that men always get to see the hot Hollywood actresses cavorting around with their faux lesbianism, but finally, when the rumor of a hot Hollywood gay duo comes out it gets shot down faster than I can say, "don't sue me Tom Cruise, I am in no way implying that you are gay?" It's just not fair, cuz us chicks didn't even get the opportunity to enjoy this one. Somehow, the thought of Queer Eye's Carson Kressley and his boyfriend just doesn't do it for me. But Rob Thomas and Tom Cruise? Now that, I can appreciate. Unfortunately, Rob Thomas has come out (no, not in that way) and publicly denied the rumors that he had sex with Tom and that his wife Marisol caught the two of them in bed together. Thomas said he was more horrified with the rumor that he is a fellow Scientologist than the rumor about him and Cruise. He also added that if he was gay, Tom wouldn't be on the top of his list, Brad Pitt would. Poor Tom. No reason to hit below the belt Rob.


Blogger JP said...

That's the gayest Tom Cruise pic I've ever seen.

11:09 AM, July 14, 2005  

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