Tabloid Whore!



I'm watching my DVD of Newlyweds Season One and it makes me miss the Jessica that we saw in the beginning of Newlyweds, the one that only cared about being in love, going shopping with her mom, asked Nick if he liked her shoes AND used to sing like a good, normal singer. Last night I watched the repeat of Nick and Jessica's tour of duty and I'm tellin' ya, I don't know what has happened to my girl Jess and her vocals. If you saw her perform lately, you will notice how she doesn't annunciate any of her words anymore and it's almost impossible to understand what she is singing. What happened? She definately does not sound better. I'm very disturbed by this. On an exciting note, one of my On The Street spies spotted Nick and Jessica together on the weekend. Of course I was instantly firing off questions, "where were you? did they look happy? were they holding hands? were they smiling??????????? I MUST KNOW" If you can't already tell, i'm a big fan of Nick and Jess and want them to be happy and stay together and I refuse to believe the terrible rumors about them and the jerks that are trying to tarnish her reputation. AND I refuse to believe that the heartbreaking song "beautiful goodbye" that Nick sang during the Tour of Duty Special was about him and Jessica. ANYWAY....the spy said they were in a black Escalade together. Talking was not observed at that very moment but Spy said she had her feet up on the dashboard. YAY! Everyone knows you don't put your feet up on the dashboard when you are angry.


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