Tabloid Whore!



AAARGGH! If I hear one more time from Lindsay Lohan how she lost all that weight from "having exhaustion" and being in the hospital for 5 days, I'm gonna scream! To make things worse, US Weekly has done a whole feature on Lindsay "How I Got Healthy" Lohan supporting her claim. It makes me sick!!!! (heh, maybe I can lose 25 pounds now too!) Does US Weekly and the rest of the media think we are stupid believing this story? I don't care how sick you ain't gonna be losing 25 pounds being in the hospital 5 days. AND, if your boobs were that big to begin with, 25 pounds isn't going to make that much of a difference from 2 big bouncing cantelopes that suddenly are like two tiny tangerines. Any woman knows that of course when you gain weight your boobs get bigger and when you lose weight your boobs get smaller....BUT, they don't make such a drastic change as lindsay's did. Two things are obvious, 1) She got a boob job, and even putting her cute little sister on TV to convince me otherwise isn't going to work and 2) She did not lose that weight from "exhaustion." If anything, she lost it over time doing blow on a toilet seat with Paris Hilton...yes, I have read about those "alleged" rumors too. The thing that is so insulting is that instead of just saying "oh, i broke up with my boyfriend, I have had a lot of stress with work and family and so the weight came off over several months (believable)" we are force fed this crap about "exhaustion" and "miraculously losing 25 pounds in 5 days" and the magazines support it just so they can get their exclusive story. The girl loses all credibility with me. I used to love her when she was about 8 years old and on the soap opera "Another World," but that sweet girl who used to chase Jake around is now just the STINKIN' LIAR OF THE WEEK!


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