Tabloid Whore!



May this motherfucker be hung by his stinking balls and burn in hell. When is it going to stop? When will our justice system realize these sexual preditors need to either be executed or locked up for life? Better yet, I don't want my tax dollars paying for these sick bastard's food and cable tv, please, if you are not going to execute them immediately, just throw all the child molesters/killers, rapists and women killers on a deserted island equipped with a 1000 ft barbed & electric wired wall so they can't escape and will rape and murder each other instead. This may sound harsh, but damn,
  1. Shasta & Dylan Groene
  2. Jessica Lunsford
  3. Samantha Runion
  4. Elizabeth Smart
  5. Carlie Brucia
  6. Danielle Van Damm
  7. Drew Sjodin
  8. Polly Klass
And these are just a few of the people who actually made the news. When the hell is it going to stop?


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