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Before the show even ended I had my favorite picked and what do you know? He was one of the first two to get nominated for eviction. Kaysar, who is the Muslum Arab Iraqi reminds me of Naveen Andrew's character Sayid on Lost. I don't know if I liked him because he had on some really cool sunglasses or because he has the most awesome profile to date on the Big Brother site, answering "No Favorite" to virtually every question except "What is your favorite cereal? = Cinnamon Toast Crunch," "Cookie?= Mrs Fields White Chocolate Macadamia," and "Candy Bar?=100 Grand." One thing is for sure, the boy knows his sweets. I really hope he doesn't get evicted because I am usually really good at pegging the winners. Of course, it's still too soon to make any real predictions. Ashlea, who is the second nominee started crying when she got nominated. Enough said. We don't need no stinkin' crybabies in the BB6 house!

The one thing that did disappoint me about the cast this year is that there is no one over the age of 36 in the house. I know, I know, you are all saying, "what about that blonde chick April that just got married, she has to be at least 40!" I checked her profile. She says she is 30. Liar. AND, the most offensive part of the show came when Head of Household Rachel announced that she was 33 and someone yelled, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! YOU LOOK GREAT FOR 33!!!" WTF?? First off, when did 33 become a shockingly old age? I thought 30 was supposed to be the new 20? Secondly, look at her. Girlfriend looks older than 33. I am also hoping that Beau will turn out to be one of my favorites (likes sweet martinis!) as I felt an instant connection when he said he was a personal shopper, not to mention, he reminds me of Marsalis. Lastly, my pick for the cutest boy will have to be James(likes Hannity & Colmes and Almonds!), although I'd like him to gain about 10-15 pounds of muscle and mess up his hair a bit....There is still time. The big secret in the house is that everyone has a secret friend they have come in the house to team up with, but each pair thinks they are the only ones doing this and they must keep it a secret from everyone else. We find out who the pairs are on Saturday night. Whoopdeedoo! Summer of Secrets is here!!


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I watched BB last night - can't get enough of that Julie Chen. She is sooooooo talented! I like when she keeps looking at the different cameras and sitting down and getting up off the couch - it looks so natural and unscripted (not)! But when is she going to say her classic line she says every year - "...that will send shockwaves through the house"? Oh, how I love those shockwaves. The "Summer of Secrets" has just begun! Could it be better than 'Project DNA'??? We shall see.

Hey, whore, don't get too attached
to James, he's gay - trust me!!! Remember Hardy? Oh puh-lease! This James boy likes to travel down the hershey highway, no doubt about it, just like that Hardy phoney. You don't believe me, do you? Well, you'll see!
I absolutely loved that "you look great for 33" statement - I could not believe my ears!!!! It was hilarious that all of the others seemed to agree - a houseful of pre-adolescent numbskulls. Love it!!!! And that
Muslim terrorist HAS got to go!!! hahahhahahahahhaha!!!! Get that Iraqi
maniac with sweaty armpits out-a-there!!! (I didn't notice the part about
the sweaty armpits, but a friend I was watching it with sure did!) It WAS
hysterical that he got nominated so fast - the terrorist MUST GO!!!!! What
exactly was CBS thinking with this dubious "casting" choice? Was it
blatant exploitation or just meaningful topical discussion about world
issues? Hmmmmmmm........ lemme think......duh!!!! EXPLOITATION!!!!!!!!!

11:11 AM, July 08, 2005  

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