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For those of you who haven't already had the pleasure of seeing these, Kevin Federline (rt) did a photo shoot for Item magazine, which hits newsstands June 5th. I don't know about you guys, I mean, he looks nice cleaned up and all ... but I think I might like me some dirty, messy, white trash Federline instead. Yeah, you heard me...I said it!
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Ha. This made me laugh.
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"Um, let's get real Tabloid Whore, I totally knew you were spying on me."

Today is a relatively slow gossip day, so you can imagine my joy when I was out to lunch and came face to face with the one and only Alec Baldwin. Of course, living in Los Angeles everyone puts on the "I didn't really see you and even if I did, I don't really give a shit who you are" look when you see a celebrity (one that TW has perfected brilliantly, thank you very much), so kids, let me tell ya, for a whole 20 mins the lovely Mr. Baldwin had no idea there was an undercover snoop sitting right across from him watching his every move. I'll refrain from naming the exact place where we had lunch as to protect Alec Baldwin and TW from the cuckoo stalkers floating around the neighborhood, but let me just tell you...yes, Baldwin and I both like to frequent a place that rhymes with the words "hiccup dicks." Although we sat at two separate tables, I was across from him while he stood at the counter and ordered his lunch while simultaneously talking on one of those big, obnoxious, cell phone headsets (ugh, you gotta love that.) As I watched him, all I kept thinking was, "gee, he is NOT as fat, angry and sweaty as i've always thought!"
I suddenly remembered I had just got a new camera cellphone on the weekend and was like, "I owe it to my peeps to sneak a picture of him! That is what a good Tabloid Whore would do!" So, I brilliantly placed the phone on the table and snapped an undercover gorilla-style photo of Baldwin, but then got so scared he'd see and come yell at me, I totally F'd up and snapped my camera closed before saving the photo. Oops. Hey, I barely know how to work the damn thing, so sorry. After that, I was too nervous to attempt another shot, I'm sorry I failed you all. Boo hoo. As Baldwin sat at a table about 10 feet away directly facing me, I was entertaining myself throughout lunch with thoughts about going up to him and saying some shit like, "gosh, I love Sean Hannity so much, what's your problem with the guy?" just to see his reaction, but of course I didn't. Once again, my fantasy is always better than my reality. I really wanted to ask him about how he claimed Kim Basinger brainwashed their daughter against him with chocolate or even talk to him about the awesome job he did on Nip/Tuck...but I didn't. I know, I know, I let you down again. I suddenly felt guilty about spying on the guy and invading his privacy when all he was trying to do was have a simple lunch out alone. What can I say? My conscious got the best of me. Maybe I'm not really cut out to be a tabloid spy after all. Plus, he seemed really nice smiling at the lady who delivered his food and I'm a sucker for that. Ahh, just another day living in L.A.....


As the days inch closer to Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's divorce being final, Star Magazine is reporting that the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Lachey is realizing that letting go of Nick could be the biggest mistake of her life (duh!). A source close to Jess tells Star that Jess has now seen the light and knows that she and Nick never had a fair chance at making their marriage work. She blames the fact that their relationship was under a microscope and filmed by cameras from day one (thanks papa Joe!). Since she has been apart form Nick, Jessica has allegedly only had flings with man whores the likes of Maroon 5's Adam Levine. The source adds that experiences like the one with Levine turned out to be a very rude awakening for dear Jess. She realized that most of the single guys out there are nothing like Nick, they don't want commitment, they only want to get their rocks off. Although he has been dating since he and Jessica filed for divorce, Nick has been very vocal about the fact that he is still in love with her, which leaves a glimmer of hope that the pair might reunite before it's too late. Can the marriage be saved before the divorce is final? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Source: Star Magazine (thanks to popbytes for hooking me up with the Star scoop!)



Everyone is wondering how Jennifer Aniston reacted when she found out that Angelina Jolie finally gave birth to Brad's baby. Well, Life & Style magazine claims to have the inside scoop on this and reports that after much "careful consideration," Jen contacted Brad's manager and sent she & Vince's congratulations to the new parents. A friend close to Jen allegedly said, "Jen got the news late on Saturday afternoon." "And at first she was really surprised because she had heard it was going to be a boy. After some debate with Vince Jen decided to call Brad's manager and give congratulations from them both. "I think Jen is really proud of herself for swallowing her pride and getting over her personal feelings to pass on her best wishes to the whole family. But Jen also says she's as curious as anyone else to see what the baby looks like, and for her, that's where the real suspense is!"

Um, ok, first off ... big props if she really did send her congrats to the couple, that shows a really big person and if it's true, I love Jen even more for that. But, I highly doubt girlfriend would want to see what the baby looks like, unless she is secretly hoping Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is funny looking. If Jen is secretly upset about the whole Brad/Angie baby thing, she can take comfort in the fact that the kid is probably going to have a hard time on the playground one day. I can just see kids skipping around poor little Shiloh singing, "Shiloh Pitt is a Piloh Shitt!"
Source: Life & Style Weekly


Millions of fans were thrilled to see Elizabeth Taylor alive and well on Larry King Live Tuesday night talking about her health and pimping her new jewelry line. Contrary to recent tabloid reports that she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's, Dame Taylor was in rare form answering Larry King's questions about her health saying, "Oh come on, do I look like I'm dying?" "Do I look like or sound like I have Alzheimer's?" No, thankfully, she didn't. Elizabeth also said photos of her leaving the hospital in a wheelchair were due to back problems she has had since she was a young girl. The only problem she seemed to have during the interview was with with her nose and blowing it on live television, all while Larry King just sat back silently and watched. Ever hear of filling time Lar? Not to mention, when Larry asked Elizabeth if her new line of jewelry was costume or real diamonds, she appeared shocked that he could think she wouldn't use real diamonds and hollered back, "you bet your ass they are!" As they went to commercial break you could hear Liz as she laughed and screamed, "COSTUME??!!" It was truly a great moment. Really Larry, we ARE talking about Dame Elizabeth Taylor here. The nerve!
Read the transcript here.


So much for Michelle Rodriguez serving hard time for violating her probation with a drunk driving conviction. Michelle, who was supposed to serve 60 days in Los Angeles County jail, was released after a measly 4 hours and 27 minutes. A spokesperson for the jail said she was released early as party of a "book and release" program that has something or other to do with overcrowding and budget problems in Los Angeles jails. Rodriguez also qualified for this "book and release" because she was a non-violent offender and her sentence was under 90 days. much for teaching someone a lesson about drinking and driving. Watch out on the streets kids, cuz Michelle Rodriguez could be plowing down one on a road near you!
Source: TMZ


Oh, I don't wish migraine's on anyone, but I couldn't help but roll my eyes this morning about the crazy press coverage over Ben Affleck going to the emergency room yesterday. Seems like Ben got one of those horrible, most likely puke inducing migraines and had to be rushed to the hospital on Memorial Day by his fab wife Jennifer Garner. Ugh, migraines are not fun...actually, they suck to high heaven. I'm just laughing that the poor guy can't even get a migraine and go to the hospital for a shot in private without it being on the national news. And, as bad as I feel for the guy, it's not that big of a deal. A lot of women get migraines every single month ... where's our press coverage? For those of you who are worried about Ben, don't be. He was treated and went home about two hours later.
Obviously a very slow gossip day folks...
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Thank the sweet baby Jesus, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally had their baby! Angie gave birth in Africa on the night of May 27th to a baby girl named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. I am shocked that the world did not shake, stop or explode when baby Jolie-Pitt finally passed through Angie's vagina (hmm...maybe she DID have that rumored C-section). Congratulations to the whole little Jolie-Pitt family, but man, I am happy as shit that this baby watch is finally over. Whoooooopie!
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Hopefully all of you got to check out Jamie Kennedy's new show on MTV, "Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up." Oh how I love it! Here's a sneak peak of the next episode where Jamie & Stu attempt to film a commercial for a matress store and also get crazy ass grillz put on their teeth. The show airs Tuesdays at 10:30pm on MTV but if you miss it, MTV also repeats it a zillion times throughout the week.


This is too bad. After working hard to save their troubled marriage, Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank have officially decided to divorce. I think everyone really wanted things to work out for these two. The couple has been married for 8 years and dated for 5 before that. Their lawyer released the following statement today: "Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe have jointly decided to divorce." "They continue to be friends and have the utmost respect for one another." -Sigh-
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Congrats going out to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, who welcomed their baby boy into the world today! They named their son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale and he weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces. It is also being reported she had the baby via c-section. I think Gwen is going to make an amazing mom. Very cool.
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Here are a couple shots of Britney taking a walk with Sean Preston and the dude everyone is calling her "manny." Hey, at least Sean Preston will have some contact with a man since his father never seems to be around. Plus, the guy ain't half bad looking. In other Britney news, word is her publicist is not denying that Britney and Kevin are now separated and that she's banished him to the basement where he belongs!
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American Idol Katharine McPhee is very lucky she did not win the title of "American Idol" which would have made her chained to Idol duties for an unknown amount of time. Now the gorgeous and talented Katharine has time to take a meeting with the one and only Steven Spielberg. Yes, you read that right. Katharine told the exciting news to Extra at the Idol finale, "Steven Spielberg would like to have a meeting with me. That, for me I think, was the thing that really made this last week calming for me. "I just was like, 'Wow, Steven Spielberg would like to have a meeting with me.' That's incredible! I think that was the moment where I turned to a couple of my close friends, who have been through this competition, and I was like, 'I don't know if winning is the best thing for me.'" How awesome! We already know Katharine will be a fabulous actress, cuz damn, if you can sing a love ballad with Meatloaf like Katharine did, and make it look like you really are in love with him, well, that's what I call talent!


Flashback! Ugh, why Mischa, why??

After Brandon Davis was raked over the coals by *everyone* (hee hee) last week for his verbal assault on Lindsay Lohan, the dear lad has decided to give her a cough, cough, "public apology." According to Page Six, Davis said, "My behavior on May 16 was inexcusable." "What started out as a joke got completely carried away and I am horrified at the words that came out of my mouth. I consider Lindsay a friend and I hope she accepts my sincere apology for my reprehensible actions last week." Whatever. He's still a fat, stupid oily son-of-a-bitch who hangs out with trash and doesn't know how to make his own money.
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Richelle Nice, one of the jurors who convicted Scott Peterson of murder and later recommended to a judge that he receive the death penalty, has now, oddly enough, become the man's jailhouse pen pal. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Richelle says that she first wrote Scott a letter at the suggestion of her therapist. Although, it must be noted that the therapist told her to write a letter, but put it in a mailbox with no address written on the envelope. For some reason, Richelle decided to go a step further and found Scott's address and mailed it off to him in prison. Richelle has sent 17 letters to Scott so far and he has written her back 8 times. She swears she is not in love with him but claims she is writing him "in hopes that he'll eventually confess to the murder of his wife." So far, she says Scott hasn't even come close to admitting guilt and still maintains his innocence.

Richelle claims she doesn't talk about her pen pal relationship with Peterson much and that most of her friends don't approve of what she is doing. When asked why she decided to give the letters to People, Richelle says she was "scared they'd be leaked out somehow." Hmmmm ... I also wonder if the girl got paid by People for these letters? Nice therapy, huh? Yes, Scott Peterson did get convicted for the murder of his wife and unborn child, a conviction most of us agree with. But there is a part in the People interview about this juror that I found extremely disturbing. The magazine states, "In December ('05), after years of mental health issues, Richelle suffered a major breakdown and was admitted into San Mateo Medical Center's psychiatric ward. She's currently on a battery of medications for her psychiatric problems. "All my life has been a struggle," she says."

"After years of mental health issues???" And this woman made it onto the jury for a death penalty case? *shudder*

Update: I also found this interesting tid bit about how this cucko bird is involved in writing a book with the other jurors about the trial called "We The Jury." From the New York Daily News: "People's article does not mention Nice's involvement in a book deal, nor does it mention that one of the magazine's own staffers is authoring the jurors' tome. "There were only so many elements we could include" in the story, the magazine said."
Ugh. Tacky People Magazine! Tacky!



AOL Music did an AIM interview with Jared Leto about his band 30 Seconds To Mars. If you don't have their cd "Beautiful Lie," pick it up...It's surprisingly awesome. You can hear their music and watch their new video for an incredible song called "The Kill" on their website. Anyway, during the chat the interviewer asked him about his relationship with Lindsay Lohan and Jared replies that he's going to give the guy and exclusive makes what most likely was a *joke* that he is gay. It went a little something like this :

ThirtySecondLeto: ha! It’s so funny how perception and reality are so often as far as day and night
ThirtySecondLeto: I’ll give you an exclusive....
TyeinMusic: ooh. lay it on me
ThirtySecondLeto: I’m gay
TyeinMusic: *!*
TyeinMusic: please tell me you're serious
ThirtySecondLeto: as a goose.

So, AOL Music is now posing the question, "Is Jared Leto really gay?" Hmmm...I have no idea. Personally, it doesn't matter to me and no, it wouldn't surprise me if he was. Gay, straight, bi, upside down or backwards, my heart will always belong to My So Called Life's Jordan Catalano.
Check out AOL Music's entire AIM interview with Jared Leto here.


The National Enquirer (not to mention Star Magazine) is reporting that Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline have not spoken since Mother's Day. Any form of communication the couple currently has is said to be done through the body guards. It also looks as if Kevin might be to blame for Britney hopping in her mini-cooper for the Mother's Day mommy and me "heat-of-the-moment-rollers-in-hair" joy ride that she took with Sean Preston's car seat facing the wrong way. According to The Enquirer, It was Britney's first Mother's Day with her new baby and she was excited and made plans for her, Sean and Kevin to spend the day with her mother and the rest of her family. Kevin allegedly told Britney that he didn't want to go with her because her whole family hated him. Then, he reportedly tossed a hell of a doozie at her and said he was going to go visit Shar Jackson and bring her a Mother's Day gift from his two other kids, Kori and Kaleb. After that, NE reports that Britney yelled, "You want to go live with Shar? Go ahead." That is when they also say she grabbed the baby and left the house with the rollers in her hair. Well, thank God at least there is a reason now for her driving with those awful rollers.
It's also reported that Kevin did not go with Britney when she went for her 2nd sonogram shortly before Mother's Day. Bassstaahd! Kevin is said to want to work things out with Britney, but The Enquirer mentioned our girl is pissed to high heaven and that her little mystery poem "Remembrance of Who I am" posted for a short time on her website was her quiet way of getting her revenge. If you missed it, check it out over here on popbytes (update: the poem is now back up on her site, front and center on the homepage, with a note saying "this is for everyone who thinks they know me" along with the photo of Brit and her girls flippin' the bird). Parts of it are so telling and really sad. I still think a lot of it could be about Kevin, but who knows. My favorite line of it goes like this, "You come to me now. Why do you bother? Remember the Bible, the sins of the Father. What you do, you pass down. No wonder why, I lost my crown.


The first reviews are in for the new season of "The Simple Life: 'til Death Do Us Part" premiering June 4th, and to put it bluntly, it reportedly sucks. A review in the New York Daily News Daily Dish said that the show is unwatchable. They report that preview of the first episode revealed moments like this:
Because the two women aren't talking in real life, the producers concocted a concept that has them separately filling in for a married pregnant woman with a young daughter. "I'm the nice one; she's the evil one," Hilton tells the wife at one point of Richie. The wife gives each of them a list of chores, ranging from taking care of the daughter to filling the dishwasher. Richie, in full floozy form, asks if she should take care of hubby, too. "If you want me to sleep with him, let me know," Richie says. "How am I supposed to be pregnant if I don't sleep with your husband?" The wife gasps. Viewers will, too, wondering why they stayed so long. It's also ironic that Richie plays the part of the temptress, since anyone can find Hilton's videotaped sexual escapades on the Internet. Perhaps Hilton is attempting career redemption. Nevertheless, the show goes downhill from there. At one point, Nicole takes the husband to a strip club, and, oh, surprise, she gets the wife on the phone while he's surrounded by flesh. She also straddles him during Lamaze class to demonstrate sex while pregnant. And after ordering pizza for her Lamaze class, Hilton acts like she's going to puke while watching a movie of a woman giving birth. "This is a natural process," the instructor tells Hilton, barely holding back a laugh.
From the beginning I have always thought the show was pretty pathetic and offensive the way "common folk" were treated by the girls, so the fact that the show sucks even worse now is in no way surprising.
Source: Daily Dish



Taylor Hicks!

Alright, I just want to start off by saying that this was the best American Idol Finale show ever! Sure I liked both of the final 2 and even though it wasn't the nailbiter like past seasons on who will win, this was the first time I was not bored out of my mind during a 2 hour finale. Granted, we did have to sit through the cheesy group numbers, but just when you thought you might be falling into the "ok, I'm ready for the show to end now" hole, Idol throws out another zinger to wake you up and get you cheering again. Not to mention, Katharine and Taylor looked like they were both having so much fun.

My absolute favorite part of the show was when Clay Aiken came out singing "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me" and surprised his little doppleganger Michael Sandecki. The startled look on that kid's face when Clay came out was priceless and I could not stop laughing at how excited he was. Poor thing didn't even realize they turned his mike off when Clay started to sing. Also, you just know after Clay was done and he got backstage he probably pitched a fit and yelled something like, "Seacrest! Why the hell didn't you put him on that stool sooner?! He almost messed up my number!" It is also possible that Michael had a startled look on his face just from seeing Clay's new dark red, much longer hairdo. Oh my. Maybe if he would have kept his hair the light red it wouldn't have been such a shock? I can't recall, was Clay a natural red head? Hmm...if he was, you know what that means! Another member of the Lindsay Lohan firecrotch club! All joking aside, the humor during that entire segment and to hear Clay's awesome voice again was probably the best part of the whole show. With all the gay tabloid scandal surrounding him of late, I'm glad he performed on the show. The kid can't, and shouldn't have to, hide forever.

Equally surprising was when Prince strutted his purple stuff on stage and performed a couple songs, that was amazing. Especially considering a couple months before, Prince didn't want to come on American Idol. Word is that Prince had not even arrived when they took the commercial break before his performance (hence the "results next" teaser) and that he arrived at the last second, walked on stage, performed, finished, turned the hell around ignored Seacrest (who wanted to talk to him), and went directly to his waiting car and left. Beautiful. Also, I loved, loved, loved, Chris Daughtry and Live, although it was a little bit funny to see these two bald guys on stage who practically looked like twins. Good stuff. I loved seeing sweet, dear Elliot again and he looked and sounded fabulous. Don't even get me started on how precious that little mother of his is. Plus, and you will be shocked by this ... I actually laughed at the whole "Puck 'n' Pickle" bit. Yes, I thought it was funny, but I've also been in an exceptionally good mood this evening for some silly reason, so it could just be that. Over all, good finale and congrats Taylor!

Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine


This week's National Enquirer has definitely got the gossip goods for you. They have an exclusive story on poor Liz Taylor and Alzheimers, that is so sad, what more can I say? Looks like that Kim Delany (CSI and NYPD Blue fame) whose had a problem with the drink in the past, still has not cleaned up her act...Apparently she ended up in a mental ward and The National Enquirer has all the details. Plus, once again we see the dangers of MySpace ... the daughters of the ultra religious Marie Osmond have a MySpace site where they more or less talk like whores and Marie has given an exclusive statement to The National Enquirer on how her family is trying to deal with the fact that her daughters are now hoochies. Sounds like good stuff to me!


Oh, you gotta love your friends. Whitney Houston's best friend, singer Cherelle (who?), has come out in defense of her friend to say that all of those shots you've seen of Whitney lookin' a mess and cracked out are like, on purpose. All along we thought it was a sign of Ms. Whitney's downward spiral, but in reality, Cherelle has informed us that it's just Whitney trying to hide from her fans when she does her grocery shopping. "That's her look. It is a disguise. She always goes like a bag lady," says Cherelle. She adds that sometimes she has been with Whitney when some of those scandalous photos have been taken and that they are not always what they appear to be, "This is the picture from when she got up that morning to take out the trash with the kids." See, now don't y'all feel terrible not realizing Whitney wasn't really cracked out? It was just family fun trash day! Uh, huh. Yep. That's right.
Source: Handbag


In an event that Britney Spears would be crucified for, Brad Pitt was captured by photographers riding bikes with his children. Although cutie Maddox is smart enough to wear his riding gear, noticeably absent is a helmet on papa Pitt. Not to mention, he has Zahara strapped on his back, lets hope that adorable baby doesn't flop on out of Brad's back papoose ... Oh and she's facing forward too! The horror! Plus, look at those pants of Brads, they look mighty long, they could get caught in the bike chains and then they might crash and he and Zahara might go tumbling all over the cement. Oh, dear, Brad should really never take his children out for some fun because they could get hurt. Sound ridiculous? Exactly. And for those of you who are reading this and haven't realized I am being sarcastic (believe me, there are some of you), I am.



Ryan Seacrest was slightly injured on the set of American Idol Tuesday as he sat his big fat ass on a glass table, leaned back and broke through the thing. Haha, I love Ryan, but the story is so ridiculous, I can't stop laughing as I type this. He talked about the incident on his radio show this morning explaining, "I decided, I'm 155 pounds, I can sit on that thing. I then put my hand back in the middle of the table and all of a sudden there's this huge pop and I fall into the middle of the framing ... blood all over me." Ryan reported that he is fine and that Fatty Mc Fat Fat didn't even need a single stich. Oh, all joking aside (and I can only joke because we know Ryan is, like the size of a girl), I am glad he is ok. Shit, that's a lesson for all of us. I know next time I'm going to think twice next before I plant my skinny ass on a glass table!
Source: The Insider


Not surprising, we heard the rumors last week or so, but Nicole Richie and her fiance DJ AM have now publicly confirmed they have officially split for a second time. Richie's publicist released a statement from the couple that said, "We are confirming that we have amicably separated," and no other details were given. Star Magazine is reporting the reason for their second time around split is for 3 reasons: 1) Nicole's refusal to gain weight 2) Her fondness for the "nightlife." 3) The question of what exactly happened between her and Jackass star Steve-O. Ew. Oh well, so sad. Again, props for trying I guess, but usually in situations like that when you break up, there is always a reason and those reasons don't always go away so easily the second time around.
Source: AP


Here we go! Tonight is the much anticipated last night of the American Idol competition. Facing off we've got L.A.'s hometown girl the gorgeous Katharine McPhee and the lovable, but goofy Taylor Hicks. Even though it's probably not the finale many of us had expected to be watching a few weeks back (tears), at least the final 2 are still talented singers who deserve to be up there. I genuinely like both of these kids and don't have clear cut favorite for who I want to take the Idol crown, I will be happy with whoever wins. Saying that, I also can't guarantee I'll be throwing down my money to buy their record. Good luck to both Katharine and Taylor and if you want to read more gossip on the Idol finale, check out the chicks over at Girls Talkin' Smack . Even though we don't always have the same picks as favorites, they are a lot of fun, not to mention your one stop shop where Idol is concerned!



See ya in January Jack. Good luck in China (gulp).
24 fans! Post your comments about what you thought of the finale!


I know, I know ... you're thinking, not ANOTHER Michelle Rodriguez jail story. Well sorry, but Michelle is heading back to the pokey for 60 days for violating her probation. She also has to take part in a 30-day alcohol rehabilitation program and her probation was extended by two years. This time around, she'll be going into the Los Angeles County jail as opposed to her 2 1/2 days served last month in an Oahu jail. Please! Someone make a reality show out of this NOW! Let's face it, the jail in L.A. is going to slightly different from the jail in Hawaii, which was probably filled with woman caught by Dog The Bounty Hunter for jumping bail and doing Ice. There are some scary, tough, bitches in Los Angeles County jail, so Michelle better get ready to make some new friends. Ah, seriously, I still think she is a tough ass chick who can definitely hold her own. I'm not worried about that girl at all, she'll make the best of it. Damn, hopefully she will do the same things with the women in the L.A. jail as she did in Oahu, which consisted of singing show tunes, drawing on the inmate's shirts, writing poetry and making dice out of soap. Michelle must start serving her 60 days before the end of the month. I hope she doesn't get into any fights or is forced to be Bertha's jail house bitch or something like that. Most importantly, let's hope she finally learns that driving under the influence is a stupid ass thing to do. Aside from that Michelle, you rock!
Source: People


AOL Music is previewing a bunch of cool cd's that are going to be released tomorrow, so here's a couple fun picks to get you through your Monday...

This is Tom DeLonge from Blink 182's new band. F'ing AMAZING.

Listen HERE.

Hey, It's Idol. You know the drill.

Listen HERE


Oh this is absolutely beautiful! The Brandon Davis revolt continues. First Howard Stern went off on Sirius radio about what a dickhead Brandon Davis was for the disgusting things he said to the paparazzi about Lindsay Lohan last week. Now the bitch got what's coming to him and is getting railed on by random chicks on the street. Yes! Chicks rule! TMZ has a video of a humiliated Davis being berated by a woman outside a club. This hot mystery girl (who is now Tabloid Whore's "Hero of The Day") totally puts him in his place. Some of the random things she yells out to him include, "what does your own shi*# taste like Brandon? ... You little bitch! A**hole! What do you have to say about Lindsay Lohan now? She actually earns her get it from daddy! Go home and take a shower! No wonder Mischa dumped your sorry ass, a**hole!" By the end of the video, Davis is quivering in the back seat of a car, humiliated, just like the little piece of trash he really is. Thank you Ms. Thang, whoever you are! You make all us girls proud! Now can we get this girl around Paris Hilton??
Watch the TMZ video here.


"Ahahaha! Denise, you suck!"
This story sounds a bit unreal, but kind of funny if it's true. Looks like the war between Heather Locklear and Denise Richards may be getting bigger and sillier as the days go on. Page Six is claiming that Heather and a girlfriend drove up to Denise's house and started blasting the Bon Jovi song "Livin' On A Prayer," from their car radio for all to hear. Denise reportedly heard the commotion and peeked out the window to see Heather and her friend allegedly laughing their asses off. Sources say Denise thought the prank was, "very high school." I hate to break it to you Denise, but so is hooking up with your friend's man!
Source: Page Six



Kristin who? Former Laguna Beach star, Lauren "L.C." Conrad, graces the cover of Teen Vogue's June issue. In addition to being a fashion student at FIDM, she interned with the magazine all while being filmed for her upcoming Laguna Beach spin-off "The Hills." We're getting close to the shows May 31st premiere on MTV and lets hope it's as good as the trailer for it looks. L.C. (who was always my favorite chick on Laguna Beach) now lives in the Hollywood Hills and told Teen Vogue her observations for a post Laguna Beach life in dreamy Hollywood: "You've got the celebrity weeklies, which are the high school gossips, and the clubs, which are the parties; the people who were in, like, band, still can't get in because there's always a list. You've got the cute couples. It's really just like high school."


Congratulations going out to my favorite Bounty Hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman (53) who is marrying his longtime tough, hot bitch woman Beth Smith in a sunset ceremony today in Hawaii. If you watch "Dog The Bounty Hunter," some of you may have already thought the two were married, cuz as Dog puts it, "I've already been cuffed and shackled by Beth anyway." Awwww! Dog and Beth have a long history together, aside from being a great Bounty Hunting team, they've been together for 16 years and already have 2 adorable mullet styled kids.

For his wedding gear, the groom will reportedly be decked out in typical 'Dog' style, wearing white jeans, a matching white leather vest, boots and American Indian jewelry to represent his heritage. Beth's going to wear an off white lace gown with nude backing. Their reception is being held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and
I envy anyone going because you just know that party is going to go off! Oh I wish I was there! I'd totally make Dog's hot white trash son Leland dance with me. Grrrrrr!
Source: Washington Post

UPDATE: In a very sad twist, it was reported that one of Dog's daughters was killed in a car crash in Alaska the day before his wedding to Beth. You can read more about it here.



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Ding dong! The pain in the ass is dead! First off, let me make it clear, I have nothing against Mischa Barton who played Marissa, this is speaking strictly about the character she played on The O.C. It came as no surprise to fans of the show that Marissa was killed off on the season finale last night. There were rumors all over the place that Mischa Barton wanted to leave the show, not to mention, she confirmed her character's demise in a last minute television interview. I had read Marissa was going to die of a drug overdose, but I'm much happier with the way the show chose to have her kick the bucket. Even though this season I have been soooo sick and tired of Marissa with her stupid decisions, her boozing it up and snorting coke, the scene with Ryan carrying her out of the burning car had my eyes glued to the television set and yes, even a little misty. I love that Ryan. Anyway, this is the first season of the O.C. that I have been really bored with (yes, Marissa being a dumbass had a lot to do with it), so I hope Marissa's death will bring some improvement to what's left of the show next season. More Ryan, More Seth and Summer and please, ease Marissa's sister Kaitlin (who strangely has the same annoying way of speaking as Mischa Barton) in very, very, slowly.
Update: For those of you who still can't deal with Marissa dying, Mischa Barton is happy, so get over it. Read here.


Here we go! Somehow the press seems to believe that Ms. Angelina will be going into labor within the next 48 hours and give birth to her baby Pitt. Well, actually, it's EXTRA that seems to believe this. Stop the presses! Baby alert! 10 extra Hummers are parked in front of the Namibian resort! Baby must be coming! Beyond that, I really don't know what to say. Hopefully she will give birth to the baby soon so the madness will stop. Oh we all know that this kid will be absolutely beautiful and lets hope Brad and Angie are happy and not at each others throats as some tabloids have reported. Seriously though, if she is not having a planned c-section or being induced, there is no way we will know 48 hours ahead of time before she starts to go into labor. My bet is that Brit's people slipped EXTRA a hundy to make this a headline and get some of the heat off of my girl's ass. So go on with your weekend plans folks and good luck to Angie whenever she does pop the almighty Pitt spawn out!
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Oh no! Stacy Keibler, who most people know as the girl with the looooong ass legs on "Dancing With The Stars" suffered a minor seizure at the ABC Upfronts on Tuesday. This is such a strange story, as doctors do not know the cause of her seizure and said that it pretty much was a "fluke occurrence." She was sent to the hospital where they ran tests and found her to be in "good health" and then released her. She is said to be doing fine. Phew! How scary! I'm glad everything is ok.
Source: Access Hollywood