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Get ready people! David Blaine is getting ready to perform his next endurance stunt and this time around, it's going to help a bunch of kids. According to the event's press release, Target and David Blaine are joining together to benefit The Salvation Army and kick-off a dazzling holiday shopping season starting with Target's fabulous 2-day sale. Set for the day after Thanksgiving, Blaine will will attempt to escape from shackles while dangling four stories above Times Square. If Blaine is successful at this latest stunt (oh he will be), then 100 children in need will have a surprising and unforgettable start to the Christmas season. There are more "closely guarded details" about Blaine's stunt that will be released Friday when Blaine & Target hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. in New York to spill all the beans. I Love Blaine, I love Target and I love anything that helps little kids. I can't wait!
Source: PR Newswire


Blogger Sean Carter said...

I can't miss this for anything...i just love all his stunts....and whatever the stunts maybe he'll always be successful....this will be one exciting Thanksgiving for me...and hey for some more news and info on Thanksgiving do drop by my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and find out all its got to offer....have a great time!!!

9:01 PM, November 15, 2006  
Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said...

And if he doesn't make it, 100 kids will feel incredible guilt for making the nice man go splat and their Christmas will be ruined forever.

Nice, David. Way to go, asshole.

4:35 AM, November 16, 2006  
Blogger get in mah belly said...


8:19 PM, November 16, 2006  

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