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Hey BB fans! Well, it's been a crazy first week in the BB house. It's my first time having the live feeds and they are every bit the amount of crack I had expected. Seriously, if you love the show, get the feeds. It's so worth it. I'm going to try and post on the show 1-2 times a week but instead of doing full detailed recaps ala "The Hills," I'm going to throw in some fun scoop and video clips from the live feeds, cuz as we know, everything doesn't make the show. I'll tell you what's really going on in the house, but I will never post spoilers for who won HOH, veto, nominations or evictions. Please feel free to toss in your comments about the show, it's fun to read different opinions from BB fans.

Since entering the house, the houseguests have had to deal with a never ending amount of food at their fingertips and also, incredible boredom. For the first week BB has given them nothing to do except for the veto competition & they are going C-RAY-ZY. Kaysar has been laying really low so far, but all is ok with the season 6 group. As for now, their alliance is stronger than ever. It's only been the past few days that things have become really fun since eviction is coming up. Everyone keeps going back and forth on who they want out, saying one thing to this person and another thing to the other, it is virtually impossible to really know what's going on. That whore Alison HAS to go. She is so frickin' evil I can't stand her. She is the worst kind of woman, the type that dislike other women just for the simple fact that they are prettier than her or take away any attention she gets from men. That's why Alison came in the house gunning for Janelle over everyone else. Whatever Alison. It probably is also over the fact that Janelle kicks ass. I loved how Alison was talking so much smack before the veto comp and then Janelle comepletely smoked her big time. Oh yah, and that Diane, I think she's evil too.

I've softened up a tiny bit on Danielle after watching her on the live feeds. Marcellas is completely paranoid that she is going to come after him and keeps going back and forth on who he will vote to evict. As we saw on Tuesday's episode, he said "Danielle is a manipulator and her jugular is exposed and it's too juicy." The thing is, he and Janey have formed this wonderful, sweet friendship, so it's even more frustrating that he is flip-flopping knowing that Alison has told everyone in the house she is out to get Janelle if she stays. Agh! I hate Alison! So many people in that house are threatened by Season 6 and they want them all out. My peeps really got a fight on their hands, but as we saw in the HOH and veto competitions, Janelle is powerhouse. That chick is my frickin' hero! She is hot as shit and a smart, amazing competitor. The best thing about her though is that the girl is not a bitch (ok, well maybe only when provoked.) On the feeds, pretty much everyone in the house has agreed Janelle is the best player in BB history. Unfortunately, that also makes her a huge target.

I am totally loving Dr. Will and Howie's relationship. The best part of Tuesday's episode is when Will said, "Howie and I have one thing in common, we're both attracted to me" and "I've never had a retarded friend." The two have a flirtatious ribbing going on, and they will definitely be our entertainment for the season. I still love my doctor Will to death, he is so damn devilishly cute and evil. Chicken George is a complete dork. He is frustratingly annoying. He has tried to make everyone believe that he knows nothing about anyone else's seasons, but basically the house knows he is full of shit and that's just the game he's trying to play. Freakin' dork hosed down his t-shirts to wash them on the backyard lawn a couple days ago and when everyone said, "hey George there is a washing machine you can use," George was like, "oh, that's ok guys..I don't want my shirts running all over your clothes" and continued to hose down on the grass *eyeroll.*

Ok, here are two really juicy things I got from the feeds that might not all make it to the show. The first thing is that Janelle revealed that before she left for BB All Stars, she got a phone call from Diane's old roommate warning her about Diane. For all of you reality tv junkies, Diane's old roommate is crazy ass Toni "bug eyes" Ferrari from Paradise Hotel, Love Cruise & Kill Reality. Janelle said that Toni told her Diane went completely crazy prepping for BB All Stars. She said Diane watched all the seasons and had big charts up about everyone. That's not all sweets, Toni told Janelle that before the show, Diane was hanging out with Alison and Jace and the three formed a secret alliance called "Mr. & Mrs Smith" for BB All Stars. The thing is, since he became HOH with Janelle, Jace has been hanging with season 6 acting like he wanted to join their alliance, when all along he had a secret alliance with those two bitches! Tsk, tsk Jace! Thing is, he has no idea that Janelle is aware of all of this. Booyah! The second thing is (and I pray this will make the show), Howie completely has it out for Nakomis. I guess she told him not to joke about Monica from BB2 and let's put it this way, Howie doesn't like being told what to do. He has since had several rants (not in front of Nakomis) about how much he hates her and that if she Nominates him, she's going to become his new Busto. As much as I love Howie, he said some really mean things and just needs to CALM DOWN. And for you my fellow BB addicts, I have found a clip of it for you on YouTube.

Until next time!


Blogger ragjunky said...

OMG too good, i can't stand it!!!! thursday is going to be good. thanx TW

10:17 AM, July 12, 2006  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I love your rants!! You are just too good for words - forget about Gretchen (boring). I don't want Alison out. Her evil ways are too juicy - that's why I watch! George would be my choice..(who cares?)

11:18 AM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger jizzy said...

Great recap as usual! Wow, that Howie rant on Nakomis was pretty wild. I agree that he needs to take a chill pill. Just because she's a goth-punk lez-bean with 10 tattoos doesn't mean she's not part of society. Come on, Howie - people come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. I know if I had to be locked up in a room for days with either Nakomis or Howie, I'd pick Nakomis in a flash. I'm sure conversations with her would be a bit more interesting and mentally stimulatng than conversations with someone who calls himself "Hurricane Howie". No offense, Howie, but you need to chill out!

I was tempted to get the live feed and the $40 is no big deal. However, it would cost me a lot more than that if I did sign up as I would probably end up getting NO work done. I'd be watching the live feed day and night instead of doing any work. That is not good. It's all about self-control!

So, I will have to make do with the 3 weekly episodes and the excellent interim recaps right here at TW.

4:27 PM, July 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, what is that thing on Allison's face? Odd.

Anyway, i am LOVING myself some BB All Stars! Its so fun to see these folks again. Like old pals :)

I love the Will and Howie thing. So Funny. Although i do think the best alliance would be Will & Kaysar. Brilliant!

it's taking all the self control i can muster not to order the live feed. I'd never leave the puter and my boys would be neglected.

Keep up all the BB stuff. I need it!!!!

6:25 PM, July 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see Ali hiding in the big vase near the kitchen? She was trying to spy on the other hg's. It was soo damn funny!

I don't beleive the Mr. and MRS. smith alliance is real. Tony played Janelle!

Howie gets on my nerves!

3:45 AM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww howie...
he gets so mad and just says everything all at once. he needs to CALM DOWN. lol.

i really hope that stupid allison gets evicted.

i love the fact that she is so so so jealous of Janelle...MWAHAAHAHA

11:01 AM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did they let Marsalis back in? and Howie? Marsalis was always paranoid and wishy washy when you think back to the year he was on. It was fine for him to rant and rave on at whoever he wanted to, but the second he was put up for nomination he was all boo hoo hoo poor me. And three minutes into the first episode we have Howie talking about boobs...this guy is a walking harrasment suit just waiting to happen. And George...he just don't belong in there with all those nasty people. Talk about a fish out of water

1:11 PM, July 13, 2006  

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