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Is that Brit in the corner? Is that Brit in the spot-light, losing her religion?

Oh that's so hokey I know, I just could not resist when I saw the latest "Love B: stream of consciousness" feature on Britney's website, because I thought it sounded like some really bad R.E.M. song. Now listen y'all. Britney wants all of us to know that she has dumped that gosh danged Kabbalah as her religion and replaced it with her baby(s) instead. I don't know if dumping the Kabbalah is the way to go, dumping Federline might have been a better move, dontcha think? At least Kabbalah seemed to bring the girl some peace and that Kevin reportedly brings her tears. Oh I love my Brit and wish her the best, and I do understand the point she is trying to make, but I could not let this one go by without making a little bit of fun, it's just so cheesy. "My baby is my religion..." so lame. You'd think that after waiting a whole year to post a new Love B: stream of consciousness," it would have been a little more juicy than that. *snicker*


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