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Yep Chad, something sure does stink!

People is reporting that Chad Michael Murray, 24, is engaged to his little 18 year old girlfriend Kenzie Dalton who is a crew member on One Tree Hill. Let us not forget, it was just this past September that Chad and his ex-wife Sophia Bush separated after 5 months of marriage. Sophia filed for an annulment citing, "fraud." I am not even sure if that has gone through, for Sophia's sake, I hope it has. Ah, hell, girlfriend is probably laughing at this and she already has herself a cute new man, so no worries about Sophia. But speaking of Chad and his new engagement, hey, a guy from "Tree Hill" can't be seen without a fiance for too long, right? Gag. Whatever! Coming from a boy (and yes, we call him boy on purpose) who allegedly brags to anyone who will listen about how much he cheated on Sophia while he was married to her, we wish his new little future wife the best of luck. She'll need it.
Source: People
Update: The quickie engagement has now started rumors of a pregnancy, but E! Online says that People Magazine's source close to the couple denied the claims that Kenzie is pregnant. Who knows what the truth may be, but one of my tabloid snoops has told TW that the problem was allegedly "taken care of." Allegedly.
Source: E! Online


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kenzie u ickle slut, u desrve chad the little man whore

2:04 AM, April 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were Kenzie, I'd feel pathetic knowing that I'm the "REBOUND" girl. He obviously failed w/ his first marriage, which wasn't long shows that he has a lot to learn. He's going to regret doing Sophia Bush wrong...and Kenzie is getting sloppy seconds! Hahaha!!!

2:49 AM, July 09, 2006  

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