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Here we's the final twelve on American Idol. Time to knock out the people who suck and keep the ones who kick ass. I'm favoring most of the guys, but we'll see if it stays that way as the competition goes on. Paula's hair looked great tonight (must be a wig). Stevie Wonder was the theme for the evening. Sorry the post is so long. Unless I want to lose my sanity, may have to wait till final 6 to do commentary again.
  1. Ace Young singing "Do I Do": Ace seemed like he was trying to cry in his teaser video about meeting Stevie Wonder, which would have been touching if I actually saw a tear roll down his cheek. The past couple weeks my initial high opinion of Ace has been fading and tonight he still didn't really capture me back. He sang the hook really well, but even with those cute looks and all, boy didn't make me swoon. I don't know how long he'll last, but I have no doubt that kid is going to end up in a naked Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. And I will buy it.
  2. Kellie Pickler "Blame It On The Sun": If only they wouldn't let Pickle talk before she went out to sing, she might be more tolerable. I'm sorry to be harsh, but she just sounds so stupid. I gotta tell you, her voice is decent, but it does nothing for me. Sadly, I have a feeling the southern airhead thing is going to keep her in the game for a while.
  3. Elliot Yamin "Knocks Me Off My Feet": I just read somewhere that Elliot has diabetes and that is why he has such bad teeth. Saying that, I listened to the first half of the performance and didn't look at him so I wouldn't get distracted. He sounded good and he seems like a really nice guy. There was something different about his look that must have happened during their makeovers, but I just can't put my finger on it.
  4. Mandisa "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing": Ryan Seacrest took off her shoes before she went on stage because her feet were hurting. By the way he was holding her strappy sandals, I was praying he wouldn't smell them or something and thank the sweet baby J he didn't. It was endearing watching her sing with no shoes on though. Mandisa usually smokes it every week, but I wasn't too blown away this time. Maybe it was the Stevie song. Hell, it could have been the bare feet. I don't know. Simon loved her though!
  5. Bucky Covington "Superstition": First off, they totally pulled a Bo Bice hair makeover on Bucky, but instead of taking the flat iron to him, it looks like they used a curling iron. Idol seems obsessed with femming up the most masculine men. Bucky's voice has a tendency to teeter on the gravelly side, and I'm not crazy about the gravelly thing. Thankfully, Bucky pulled it off alright. Ha. Simon commented on Bucky's "Jessica Simpson hairstyle," it wasn't just me!
  6. Melissa McGhee "Lately": Ugh. Horrible. And I have nothing against the girl. Plus, she forgot the words. I think I might like her better than Pickle though. Paula said she has a soothing voice, I think it's a voice that sounds like she smokes a couple packs a day. Unlike me, all of the judges liked her.
  7. Lisa Tucker "Signed, Sealed, Delivered": Oh she was good. But I couldn't even remember who she was when they announced her name. Sorry.
  8. Kevin Covais "Part Time Lover": Kevin is totally bringing his nerdy sex symbol on. He is just so adorable and it is impossible for me to say anything bad about him and I wont. Simon on the otherhand broke Kevin's heart and said his performance was appalling. I still think the kid is gonna be around for a while.
  9. Katherine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me": For some reason, Katherine looked like a gorgeous pregnant Katie Holmes in the dress she was wearing. Her voice sounded really good and she is still my favorite chick in the competition. Watching this, I'm also realizing how few Stevie Wonder songs I actually know.
  10. Taylor Hicks "Living For The City": Point blank: Taylor is an awesome performer. He has an amazing voice, although I am still not sure how his record would sell with that whole Michael McDonald vibe and all. I think it would be refreshing and of course I would buy it. To quote Simon, "You are like every dad that has got drunk at a wedding and sang on stage." Saying that, I still love hearing him sing and watching him do his funky 'lil moves. Those damn Idol hairdressers better not even think about dying that hair.
  11. Paris Bennett "All I Do": Something about Paris's look tonight made me think of an African American Kelly Osbourne. Paris is an adorable little spitfire with crazy ass pipes. Love her. I want to give her a big hug.
  12. Chris Daughtry "Higher Ground": They had to save my favorite for last. After this two hour show I am completely exhausted, but Chris's performance was worth the wait. Ok, who knew "Higher Ground" was a Stevie Wonder song?? This was absolutely perfect him and I think it was another stunning performance. Seriously, put him up against anyone in the final 12, there is no competition. If he wins this year, my faith in Idol MIGHT be restored. Amazing. See for yourself what the fuss is all about and check out the following video of his performance HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TW, Elliott, they shaved his Amish beard...that's why he looks a wee bit different.

Loved Chris since the auditions and will love him forever!

Let's shop soon!

10:07 AM, March 15, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

You are reading my mind. Paris and the kelly osborne thing..i was saying it outloud to the tv...I think it was the barrette in her hair. But boy can she do that Oprah neck side to side thing.

Taylor was incredible- when he sang 'the hook" he was incredible. He really does have the passion and doesn't seem to care what people think of him and his crazy dancing. He just does what he feels and I love it. And I thought he looked damn the suit (although I thought the pants seems a bit tight-and not tight in a good way), and his hair looked great.

Taylor is my man.

Oh how I love to watch Paula dance then try to speak with her heavy lidded eyes as she sips her 'coca cola'. She must drink 4 or 5 of those a day!!!

10:24 AM, March 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love, love love chris. could he be any hotter with a kick ass voice to match! love taylor too. he's a great performer.if they dye his hair, i'll be pissed...that's what makes him stand out!! i have to agree with tw.....katharine is the best chic. i don't think the girly talent is that great this year. sorry, ace has to go! i think he would be so cute if he cut his hair. his voice is not great either. of course i would love to snuggle with teddybear kevin, but this is a singing competition, not cub scouts...BTW loved paula's hair too.

7:57 PM, March 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how could you not know that higher ground was a stevie wonder song?

anyway, chris should win. i love him and i would do him in a heartbeat.

11:25 PM, March 15, 2006  
Blogger Mal said...

Katherine McPhee is my fav! She's got the voice, looks, charm, etc.

I used to think she had the Jennifer Garner look, but now I think she looks more like Jaclyn Smith.... wow! what a beauty!

Chris is our family fav of the guys, with Taylor a close second.

5:59 PM, March 19, 2006  
Anonymous Kim said...

Lol, hilarious recap! Ugh, Ace's fake tears....he's so fake, that was obviously a ploy to get votes. And what was up w/ Kellie crying for Stevie Wonder when she said she barely knew who he was? Lol, Aww, Poor Elliott. I dont think he's that bad looking, he just makes weird faces in the camera. I don't get why they don't understand the difference between MEN and WOMEN (when it comes to hair) on that show.


12:40 AM, March 20, 2006  

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