Tabloid Whore!



Oh dear Bonadoooooooch! He is on my list of the celebrities (right under Robert Downey Jr.) battling substance abuse problems that I can't help but like and continue to want the best for no matter how many times they screw up. If it weren't for the wonderful National Enquirer I would have never known that my dear Bonaduce got in a motorcycle accident recently and broke his arm. The story in the NE is pretty vague, they don't say how the accident occurred, only that a witness is claiming Danny crashed on his bike and flew 25 feet in the air landing on the sidewalk, knocking him out for 10 minutes. It's reported that when he woke up, he was all dazed and asked, "where's my daughter?" The witness told the NE, "he was delirious - or on something. I know he's had drug problems. He seemed anxious to get his backpack. When he heard the sirens, he took off. Then he fell again." The police confirmed to the National Enquirer that there was no D.U.I. involved (phew!) The rag also quotes Danny's wife Gretchen as saying, "Danny wasn't on drugs. He's been sober for eight months. He did ask about our daughter and he did get back on his bike. But he wasn't fleeing. He had a concussion and didn't know what he was doing." Shit, I know Danny has had his problems, but if you flew off your bike and landed on the sidewalk you would be all wacked out too. Accidents happen & motorcycles are dangerous! Well, I'm glad nothing worse happend to him. Today we are going to be all positive about the Bonaduce and wish him best and hopes for his sobriety to continue.


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