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I am so confused right now. These damn tabloids are messing with my brain. So last night I bought the latest issue of In Touch Weekly with the EXCLUSIVE cover story "Jessica's Breakup Diary." So here I was, thinking it will be a story about Jessica's first week without Nick--quotes from "close sources," etc., but when I started to read the article I noticed that it indeed was in diary form, the entries were written in the first person as if Jessica wrote them, talking about specific feelings, incidences and conversations she had throughout the week. Example: "Everybody says, "you must be so mad at Nick." But it isn't about anger. Not anymore. Today marks one week since the official breakup. There was something so final about waking up this morning, alone in bed. Even though Nick had called, there was-for the first time in years-no deep, reflex-like need to call him back. At that moment, it seemed like the marriage was over, for good. It was scary." In another entry, she talks about the VH1 Big in '05 Awards and how she "tried to cancel the show but everyone said, "you've done nothing wrong," and that Lindsay Lohan came up to her that night and said "you go girl." It goes on for seven entries.
So you can imagine at this point I am fully confused, re-reading the headline and beginning of the article for any note that this is a "fictional dramatized account" or some junk like that, but I find nothing of the sort. So my question is to anyone else out there who has read this issue of In Touch, is this friggin' thing real? And if it is...let's say it all one more time together, "OH MAH GAWWW!" how insanely inappropriate is this?? I love Jessica to death. I love Nick. But to publish a diary in a tabloid a week after they break up is horrifying. Papa Joe Simpson must be behind this, pimping out the pain and anguish his daughter is going through with this separation. Is this his way to make good with In Touch, just like he did with US Weekly by giving them the exclusive separation announcement? Is he using this to mend fences for deal he had made with OK! Magazine that pissed all the weekly's off? What's next? Will Papa Joe make a deal for a new reality show that has cameras following Jessica around throughout her separation? I have been known to be gullible at times, so please, if I'm missing something here about this In Touch story...enlighten me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daddy joe is working hard to get her career back on track, after johnny and bam the partying to much he is working overtime to keep her name on top. and i don't thank she love nick , i will not be surprised if she don't write a book next year.

7:51 AM, December 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same issue of In Touch and I too searched in vain for a disclaimer! I'm surprised they can run something like that without getting sued...maybe they will get sued! I'm sure it was not real. But the writer did capture her style of speaking, I guess from watching Newlyweds episodes.

3:40 PM, December 15, 2005  
Blogger The Cybrarian said...

I was horrified by this so I asked my friend who works at a (different) tabloid if it could possibly be real, and if not, how they could avoid being sued like the dickens. His take is that a 'friend' of Jessica's could have sold them her 'diary,' and then inTouch is under no obligation to check if it's real. So if they got sued, they could just blame said 'friend' for selling them a shoddy piece of goods. How awful-- I'm no fan of hers, but that's really beyond the pale.

8:14 AM, December 21, 2005  

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