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"You should have known better! The foreign press is very, very, devilish!"
Ah, man! This is what I get for trusting those gosh darn foreign papers as a source for accurate gossip. But, they just come up with such great, irresistible stories, you want to believe them!! Well, it seems as though the last two blurbs that came out about Michael Jackson 1) Debbie Rowe claiming he is not the biological father of his children and 2) that police found cocaine on Jackson's undies and that they are currently doing a drug probe on him, are false. The New York Daily News did a little digging and was told by Debbie Rowe's attorney, that she never spoke to a newspaper in Ireland (I always thought it sounded a bit fishy) claiming that Jackson was not the bio father. I personally still don't believe anymore that he is, but that is just my opinion. The New York Daily News also couldn't find anyone to corroborate the rumored current drug investigation against Jackson. I'm glad to hear that because the whole idea about the drug probe sounded a bit desperate. Anyway, apologies to MJ for repeating said rumors. I'm sure Prince, Paris and Blanket are your biological children and that you and your undies are clean as a whistle.
New York Daily News: Ireland's Sunday World quoted his ex-wife Debbie Rowe as saying he's not the biological father of their children, Prince Michael and Paris. Her lawyer, Iris Finsilver, tells us Rowe "never spoke to any newspaper." Besides being home (far from Ireland) with the flu, Rowe would be crazy to jeopardize her money and visitation deal with Jackson by blabbing. Meanwhile, The Sun of London yesterday claimed "traces of cocaine were found on [Jackson's] underwear during a police raid" - and that cops were investigating his alleged use of anti-depressants and painkillers. The story is apparently based on the warmed-over 2003 claims by a former Jacko bodyguard. The News' Michelle Caruso found no law-enforcement sources to corroborate coke-laced briefs or a current drug probe.


Anonymous jpfl said...

oh..yooooohooo...YooooHoooooo...this man is still a freak.

4:43 PM, December 01, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon.. leave Micheal alone.. Think he has suffered well enough. he is just a human being like we all are for God's sake... Geeesssss !

3:09 PM, December 20, 2005  

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