Tabloid Whore!



Dear God, please do not let me burn in hell for the above headline.
Seriously though, poor Heather Mills. The Daily Mirror is reporting that the wife of Paul McCartney recently had an incident where her prosthetic leg came unattached after she got into a scuffle with guards during an anti-fur protest at Jennifer Lopez's office. I saw the story about her going to J-Lo's offices and holding up a PETA picture of a dead, tortured animal all over Extra! and Access Hollywood last night but they said nothing about the leg incident.

The Mirror goes on to say that apparently Mills "was manhandled by J-Lo's security team as she tried to deliver a DVD of animals being killed for skins. Although Heather, 37, was clutching her knee in pain, guards refused to unlock a bathroom for her to fix back the false limb in private. Photographer Richard Corkery, who witnessed the scuffle, said: "I could see she was in pain. She limped to the ladies' room but it was locked. I found another door open which led on to a stairwell so she could have the private moment she needed."

Damn, that sounds harsh. J-Lo's company Sweetface refused to comment but a security guard said: "About 12 or 13 protesters forced their way in. They were really rude and wouldn't leave." Even though I am a sucker for watching all her romantic comedies, why the hell is J-Lo still wearing fur anyway? I'm not really too fond of those crazy PETA freaks and their antics, but still, wearing fur in 2005 just seems so stupid and yucky.

And again God, so sorry about the headline.


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